What is Workplace by Facebook?

Are You Fully Engaging Your Workforce? Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Workplace by Facebook can help increase the engagement! 


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why over 30,000 organizations (including Starbucks and Walmart) have chosen Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) as their social enterprise communication/networking tool! It includes a demo of Workplace and success stories.

What is Workplace - On-Demand Webinar





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Workplace builds a strong and inclusive corporate culture.

Workplace connects your team, wherever they are.

Workplace offers modern technology for modern employees.

Workplace encourages openness and employee involvement.

Workplace helps mobile or remote workers feel like part of the team.



Other Workplace Webinars

How does Workplace by Facebook work?

Watch this demo-based on-demand webinar to see how exactly Workplace by Facebook works and how organizations like MLSE and Campbell's use it to increase their employee engagement and collaboration tool. 

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Workplace by Facebook for HR Team 

Designed specifically for HR professionals, this on-demand webinar includes key HR trends, characteristics of the next generation workers, how DigitalHR on Workplace helps HR teams throughout the employee lifecycle, and stories of organizations successfully utilizing DigitalHR. 

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