Looking to Move to But Not sure if You’re Ready?

By: Caroline Mikhail, Workplace by Facebook Officer and Strategist, LineZero

Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) is moving to a domain! Many organizations have been asking for a clearer separation between Workplace and Facebook, and to accommodate this, Workplace has purchased the domain, and is making it available to Workplace Premium customers. Starting March 25th, 2019, Workplace Premium customers can move their Workplace community from to the new domain.

If you're using Workplace Standard, you'll be moved to automatically on May 8, 2019.

If you are a Workplace administrator in your organization, you will have already received an email from the Workplace team announcing the new domain and should have seen the message below when you signed into your Workplace environment:

Move to workplace 1

Why Move to

This move should assist in addressing any employee security and privacy concerns, and, as mentioned, it will show a greater separation between the two platforms, which will allay certain questions, such as “Is this Facebook?”, “Will my Facebook posts appear here?”, or “Is my personal Facebook and my work Workplace linked in any way?”


How do I move to

If you decided to move to, you have the option in the preference section of the Admin Panel to change from to

move to workplace 2

The on/off button is to move everyone in your community to You can toggle this back if there are any issues, but we do not recommend moving back and forth multiple times. The Learn More link will take you to the Workplace’s help page where you can see frequently asked questions and get more detailed information. When you are ready, just turn the switch on, and that’s it! You are now on

move to workplace 3

move to workplace 4

Are you ready to move to

Before moving to, it is important to prepare for the move. Here are some of the suggested questions that we recommend you ask yourself:

  • Is your URL currently used as your home page?
  • Is there a published link on any other platform?
  • Are there any training documents with the URL?
  • Are you using the URL in any of your apps or custom apps?
  • Are you ready to switch your SSO URLs?
  • Are you planning to change your Account Management (SCIM) and Graph APIs URLs
  • Did you add the URL to your anti-spam configuration?


Will anything break if I move?

After you move to, when you visit Workplace using the old link, you will automatically be redirected to version of the page without disruption. The workplace team currently has no plan to deprecate Workplace links.


Ready to Move to

If you are ready to move to and would like an expert’s help, we are here to give you a hand! Here is some more detailed information on how we can help. >>


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