Sports Facility Management 101: How Workplace Can Help You (Even During Playoffs)!


Running a sports facility is not for the faint of heart, and especially not during playoffs! If you’re the manager of a major sports facility, you’ve got a tough job on your hands. You need a way to keep your frontline employees up to speed, ensure your vendors are supplied and keeping up with demand, and, above all, a way to keep your customers happy!  

Workplace by Facebook can provide a solid platform to connect your employees on the ground and make the magic happen for your customers – those who are there to enjoy the game and cheer on their favourite teams. In this blog, we’ll show you 4 ways that Workplace can help you make the most of your playoff season and ensure that your employees are ready for anything!  


Sports Facility Challenge #1: Real-Time Communication Between Frontline Employees 

Your frontline employees are on hand to create extraordinary moments for game-goers and fans. Those moments often require a great deal of communication and coordination, and you don’t always have much time to make things right. So, how do you enable your frontline workers to stay up to date and keep track of the things that arise during a game or event? Unfortunately, walkie-talkies aren’t always reliable, and communications apps (like WhatsApp) requires you to distribute phone numbers, emails or other contact information, which can lead to issues during critical moments. 


Putting all employees, including those frontline employees, on Workplace, however, can make real-time communication easy and accessible to everyone. No need to share contact information – just find the person you need to connect with on the Workplace mobile app and get started! Plus, with Workplace’s ability to upload and share documents, your employees can easily access any content that they might need during their shift – like maps, ticket tiers, and more.  


Sports Facility Challenge #2: Getting The Best Results for the Customer 

Picture this scenario: A customer’s just told one of your ushers that the group behind them is being far too obnoxious. These people, according to the customer, are yelling profanities at the ref, they’ve spilled their beer on the customer’s jacket twice, and they’re just making themselves a real nuisance.  

challenge2sports (1)

How your usher handles the situation is critical.  

  • If handled poorly, that customer might take to social media and tell everyone that your usher didn’t handle the problem to their satisfaction. Dissatisfied customer = no return business. 
  • If the usher is able to find the customer another seat somewhere else, or calls security to come and handle the troublemakers, or makes sure that the customer is looked after and feels comfortable in some other way, that customer is likely to take to social media or tell their friends about the great service that they received. Satisfied customer = repeat business, and a potential for revenue growth.  

It’s pretty clear that you’re probably going to want the second option! You want to take care of your customers. But you need to make sure that you have the right tools in place that empower those workers to act in the customer’s best interests!  

Workplace Chat, for example, could provide the usher with a real-time platform that could connect him or her to other ushers in the facility and find the complaining customer a new seat. Or, if the usher sees that the rowdy guests are, in fact, intoxicated, they could discreetly message the security team that an incident is occurring. Using phones, in this case, can help team members communicate and collaborate, which will help them to deliver stellar customer experiences.   


Sports Facility Challenge #3: Building A Culture of Coaching 


With so many seasonal and frontline workers in your sports facility working different shifts and with different work schedules, it can often make coaching and training quite difficult to coordinate. Workplace by Facebook provides a culture of coaching by being a hub for those training videos and documents to live. Employees can go into the Workplace app right from their phones and view training videos, watch live demos of how to handle situations, look at their employee manuals, and more.  

Want to teach your food and beverage team how to pour the new beer on tap, or teach your ushers about the best way to greet a customer? Use Workplace Live Video! Employees can easily watch, comment, and react to what’s being shown without actually needing to be physically present. And, since that video is available after the training, any new members to the team can go in and reference it at any time, which cuts down on the need to hold multiple or repeat training sessions and improves consistency.  


Sports Facility Challenge #4: Ensuring Consistent Training Without Breaking the Bank 

Speaking of training and consistency, let’s talk about that a little bit more! 

Training can always be a tough part of having seasonal or frontline workers. How do you make sure that everyone is receiving the same, consistent training before they start interacting with your customers? Further, how much are you spending to make that in-person training happen?  


Workplace limits the need for in-person training, and reduces costs associated with it. Rather than printing hand-outs for your employees, you can post the documents in a company-wide group that all employees have access to. Your employees can go into their Workplace app on their mobile phone and view or, if necessary, download those documents to their phones to have on hand. Or, let’s look again at the example of training videos – as soon as you post them, your employees now have those training videos right at their fingertips whenever they need it.  

Also, any new employees who are being onboarded are able to access previous documents that have been posted, which cuts down on the time and expenses of having to run new training programs every time that you hire new employees. Have mandatory training that employees need to attend? That’s okay – Workplace has analytics capabilities that tracks who has viewed the data you’re posting, so you’ll always see which employees are keeping up with their mandatory training, and which employees need a little nudge.  


Running a Sports Facility? Give us a Shout! 

If you’re the manager of a sports facility, and you’re looking for ways to better engage your employees, especially during playoffs, maybe it’s time to take a look at what Workplace by Facebook can do for you! Want to check out a free demo of Workplace by Facebook? Give us a shout 

But you don’t have to take our word for it – if you want to see how Workplace is helping the sports and entertainment industry, look no further than Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. They’ve implemented Workplace by Facebook to unite their over 5,000 employees around the common purpose of creating extraordinary moments for their fans and for each other. Check out their story here! 


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