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Workplace by Facebook Reaches 2 Million Paid Users!

7-Mar-2019 9:05:00 AM

Toronto, ON, Canada — March 7, 2019 — Workplace by Facebook has just announced that they have reached over 2 million paid customers every month in less than 2 years.
“LineZero is proud to be a part of Workplace by Facebook’s community, helping organizations to increase their employee collaboration and engagement and decrease absenteeism by using Workplace by Facebook,” says Erika Moll-Richardson, Account Executive, Workplace by Facebook, for LineZero.
With more than 150 companies who have more than 10,000 users on Workplace by Facebook, and millions more people connecting through the free version of Workplace, or via the Workplace for Good program for nonprofits, there has been much change with the way that people connect at work. And Workplace by Facebook can connect everyone – from the CEO, to management, to supervisors, to the newest recruited members of the organization.
Campbell uses Workplace groups and Workplace Chat to connect managers with staff members, and by doing so, they’ve boosted connectivity by 243%,” says Moll-Richardson. “Virgin Atlantic uses automation and bots to transform everyday workflows, like helping staff take advantage of their travel perk, into something more unique and interactive. The It Gets Better Project used Workplace for Good to build a global LGBTQ+ movement. These are all incredible examples of organizations using Workplace by Facebook to connect people, and it really tells a story of how such collaboration within organizations can increase productivity and engagement.”
Whether you want to better manage work-life integration, think of new ways to engage employees, make your job easier by automating mundane tasks, take your corporate culture to the next level and use it to attract top talent, or be a frontrunner for change in new and exciting ways, Workplace by Facebook gives you the tool to transform your company into a meaningful community.
“At LineZero, we believe that having a strong communication and engagement tool, like Workplace by Facebook, can create a positive work climate that encourages openness and transparency through all levels of the organization,” says Moll-Richardson. “We use Workplace by Facebook ourselves as a part of our corporate culture; our CEO shares company-wide announcements from his “CEO” group, we give employee recognition via our “Internal Kudos” group, we keep in touch with each other using Workplace Chat rather than sending emails, and much more. We’re excited to see new companies embracing this technology and excited to bring this message to the next 2 million people.”
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LineZero is proud to be recognized as the first Canadian Workplace by Facebook service partner. From design, to pilot, to implementation, LineZero’s expert staff can help organizations build the innovative and collaborative Workplace environment that their employees want.
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