Amazing Things Happen With Workplace’s Team Collaboration Capabilities

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Do you need a team collaboration site where people can brainstorm, share ideas, and work smarter with their colleagues and customers? Workplace is more than just a collaboration tool. With it, your employees can use the familiar features of Facebook, with more customized privacy and controls that are more secure.

Here are five ways that Workplace can navigate your team collaboration into the future.

Team Collaboration Tip #1: Build a Shared Culture

Does your organization have a way to hold company-wide conversations that include everyone? A recent study by Deloitte on Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace: Embracing Digital Culture, Tools, and Approaches, says that 69% of C-level executives believe that company culture, especially transparency in internal communications, will be critically important for their organization’s ability to live out its mission and vision.

From this study, it’s clear that organizations, like yours, need tools that allow this transparency in internal communications, and, more specifically, a need for two-way communication, from the most entry level position right up to the CEO. Workplace by Facebook works to build a strong culture of communication within your organization. With its versatile capabilities, Workplace can enhance team collaboration in your corporate culture by driving employee engagement and providing a platform to have important, transparent discussions.

Team Collaboration Tip #2: Connect Your Team, Wherever They Are

How dispersed is your team? Do you have remote workers? Connecting everyone together so they can collaborate as a team is a challenge that almost every organization has. If you have people working in different locations or countries across the globe, you need to make sure that they’re part of the conversation, regardless of that distance.

A new, mobile-first digital platform, like Workplace by Facebook, can help with team collaboration by providing a connection to everyone across your organization, wherever they are.

Team Collaboration Tip #3: Modern Technology for Modern Employees

“Work-life balance” is one of the biggest buzz-words out there today. New technology has the ability to keep people connected anywhere, anytime, which can often lead to blurred lines between professional and personal time. With this advancement in technology, however, there’s also a need to empower your employees in deciding a rhythm of work that suits them.

With the team collaboration capabilities of Workplace by Facebook to draw upon, you have the capability to change how your employees are working. Workplace allows your team members to make faster decisions, and, because of its mobile capabilities, you can also ensure that they are sharing and collaborating much more effectively, at times that are convenient to their schedules.

Team Collaboration Tip #4: Remove the Hassle of Sharing Information

Ever had to spend significant amounts of time searching through your inbox to find the latest version of an important proposal, or the latest budgetary spreadsheets, or other such attachments? When you consider how much information is shared via email, that’s a lot of closed communication that takes place. What if there was an easier way to better exchange files, documents, or project information? A tool that, contrary to email, encourages conversation and collaboration?

Workplace by Facebook helps your employees to innovate and collaborate much faster than traditional email allows. Keep track of key business conversations, share files easier, and work better and smarter with Workplace’s innovative platform.

Team Collaboration Tip #5: Provide Tools for the Millennials

A recent study by PwC entitled Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace, says that over half the workforce will be millennials by the year 2020. That’s 50% of your organization’s workforce who will have a vastly different relationship with technology than you might have had. These millennials expect digital tools that will better assist them in doing their jobs. They’re also expecting access to, and transparency of information while at work. How do you make sure that your organization is ready to support this workforce, who will be glued to their phones?

The organizations that are able to adopt better alternatives to traditional communication tools (like email, which is rapidly becoming outdated as a form of communication) are the organizations that will be more successful in meeting the needs and expectations of this new workforce. Workplace by Facebook is based off the traditional Facebook platform that many millennials know and love and also provides a clear platform for two-way team collaboration and sharing of information.

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Workplace is more than just a team collaboration tool. With it, your employees can use the familiar features of Facebook, with more customized privacy and controls that are more secure. Line Zero is proud to be recognized as the first and only Canadian Workplace partner, and from design, to pilot, to implementation, our expert staff can help you to build the innovative and collaborative Workplace environment that you and your team needs. Give us a shout and get started with Workplace by Facebook today!

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