Your Workplace “Cheat Sheet”: What You Need to Know about Workplace by Facebook

Do you want your team to be able to accomplish goals and be more successful? Do you want your remote offices to feel like they’re a part of your organization, regardless of the distance between your head office and their location? Do you want to see collaboration in action, in progress, in real-time?

Workplace by Facebook is the business version of the popular social media network, and it’s poised to give other collaboration tools on the market a real run for their money. Consider this blog a “cheat sheet”, outlining what you need to know about Workplace by Facebook.

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook is, simply put, Facebook for businesses. It has the same look, feel, and functionality of the consumer version (minus the family pictures, cat videos, or political opinions), but with more security and compliance functionality in place to protect your organization.

Why Does Workplace by Facebook Matter?

Workplace by Facebook makes work better, regardless of the industry you’re in, or the size of your organization! By combining next-generation technology with its easy-to-use features, you can transform your corporate culture, add workflow capabilities, and improve communications within your organization.

Workplace by Facebook matters because it promotes a culture of openness and transparency, which better engages your employees and drives corporate cultural change. All in all, Workplace by Facebook helps you become a better organization by giving you a platform where you can focus on your people.

Workplace By Facebook – Features and Benefits

Below, we’ve listed some of the features and benefits of using Workplace by Facebook in your organization:

  • Separate Consumer and Corporate Accounts Workplace by Facebook is completely separate from the consumer version. If your employees have a Facebook account, it will not link to their corporate account. From a user adoption perspective, it’s quite possible that your employees may be hesitant about having their personal Facebook pages open to their colleagues and boss.

  • Make a Statement with User Profiles When your organization signs up for Workplace by Facebook, each user gets to create a profile, similar to the consumer version. However, this profile gives your users the ability to talk about their jobs by including any nicknames they have, what department they work for, who they report to, their contact information, and a short biography field to tell everyone a bit more about them!

  • Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration! Workplace by Facebook has many features that keep your team in touch with each other. Chat capabilities, voice and video calls, team channels, live video options, the ability to share files, and other options are all provided in the Facebook interface.

  • Implement Multi-Company Capabilities Do you have customers or partners that need to connect and collaborate with your team? Using Multi-Company Groups, you can collaborate with external teams, partners, suppliers, or customers. Threaded comments and sharing documents with ease – all from the Workplace by Facebook platform – means that you no longer need to rely on email to see who’s supposed to be doing what.

  • Transform your Global Communications with Auto-Translate Does your organization have offices in other parts of the world? Do you have multi-lingual people on your team, or people whose first language isn’t English? Breaking this language barrier is one of the biggest keys to becoming a global business, and Workplace by Facebook helps you out! If a post in your news feed appears in a different language, Auto-Translate goes to work and, as the name implies, automatically translates the post into the user’s first language.

How Much Does Workplace by Facebook Cost?

A premium version is $3 USD/month/active user*. It comes with basic features like:

  • Basic voice and video calling

  • Workplace and Work chat apps

  • Live video streaming

It also comes with enterprise features such as:

  • Administrative controls that help you manage your community

  • Single sign-on (SSO) Active Directory support

  • APIs for custom bots and integrations

  • Monitoring tools for IT teams

  • One on one email support for administrators.

Workplace offers a free version as well. It comes with only basic features mentioned above. Additionally, if you’re a nonprofit or charitable organization, or an educational institution, you could qualify for Workplace for Good.

* If a user does not sign on to Workplace that month, you don’t pay for their subscription - you only pay for active users within your organization.

Getting Started with Workplace by Facebook

Implementing Workplace by Facebook isn’t something that should be done on a whim. It requires careful planning to ensure that implementation can be supported by your current IT infrastructure, governance for how groups are created (especially if using the Multi-Company Group capabilities), and a solid plan for user adoption.

Line Zero is proud to be recognized as the first and only Canadian Workplace by Facebook partner. Whether it’s designing your Workplace structure, to piloting a group of users, or fully implementing Workplace by Facebook for your organization, our staff has the expertise to help you build an innovative and collaborative Workplace environment that works for your unique needs.

Our Workplace Roadmap Engagement is the first step in helping you understand your current organizational structure, what current digital tools you have in place, and helping you build your roadmap to success. Interested? Want more information? Contact us to get started today!

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