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"From a rollout standpoint, the mobile feature is amazing. I think the messaging and the mobile app is really what sets Workplace apart, in terms of ease of engaging, speed and really what people are already doing."

Kim Tetley, Director, Marketing & Communications

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Through Workplace, this geographically diverse organization was able to tear down silos and unite various departments from over 100 countries on the same platform where they can collaborate and communicate, in their own languages, together.

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“As we underwent significant cultural transformation, Workplace enabled us to connect, empower and unite all 5,000+ employees around our common purpose of creating extraordinary moments for our fans and each other.”

Roopa Shah Director, Employee Experience & Internal Communications, MLSE

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“Campbell is more connected than we’ve ever been. We’ve seen a complete transformation in just 9 months. I think it’s because Workplace has tools that people can use whenever and wherever they are.”

Kristin Ennis

Senior Manager, Communications, Campbell

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“With Workplace, the ease of use and the ease of communication actually started new connections that didn’t exist before, which fostered further new connections within the business.”

Don Langford

CIO, Virgin Atlantic

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“It’s given a voice to the last person on the ground. It permits them to share their successes via rich and heavy media files”

Vani Venkatesh

CEO, Retail, Bharti Airtel Limited

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“Workplace is changing the way we work and helping us connect people better.”

Attila Emam

Head of Culture and Internal Communications, AirAsia

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“Workplace enables everyone inside the company to share their experience and personal passion.”

Richard Bouligny

CEO, Renault Retail Group

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Nova Home Loans wanted real-time feedback and reporting to help align and provide support to their geographically dispersed client facing team.

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PartCon needed a central place to go as their stores expanded, and as more volunteers needed accurate real-time feedback and reporting. This is where Workplace comes in.

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Workplace Roadmap Engagement

Our 1-day Workplace Roadmap Engagement will give you an in-depth overview of the benefits of using Workplace in your organization. We’ll review what’s most important to your business, understand your current organizational structure and what current digital tools you have in place, then help you build your roadmap to success. 

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Workplace Full Deployment Solution

To ensure that the platform is successful for both the short and long-term, it’s critical to take the time and plan out your deployment. Our Workplace Deployment offer provides you with a chance to work with our experienced team to ensure that the launch of the technology itself, the communication around that launch, and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is a success. 

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