Combatting COVID-19 with Remote Capabilities 

7-Day Accelerated Workplace from Facebook Deployment


With the unfortunate occurrence of COVID-19 affecting growing numbers of people daily, organizations are trying to understand how they can help their employees stay healthy and productive. 

Many organizations are suggesting their workforce telecommute, and some countries are even mandating it. With this reality, it is important that we are all prepared to work from home. Linezero has prepared a 7-day rapidly paced Workplace from Facebook implementation to assist large organizations with their crisis management and communications.

For: Large organizations with 3,000+ employees. 

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Deliverables & Activities

Workplace Technical Implementation within 7 days.

Accelerated Launch Strategy & 25 Day Action Plan.

Assistance in Developing a Crisis Communication Strategy within Workplace. 

Guidance on the Management of on-going Crisis Events and the use of the Safety Check Feature. 

Remote Access Facilitation - Getting your employees working and secure access to existing company resources quickly. 


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Leading Practices for Engaging Remote Employees.

Looking to Increase Your Organization's Remote Work Readiness?

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