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Remote Team Engagement Tips & Ideas for HR and Comms Leaders


Hiring the right people. Making sure employees are able to express themselves. Growing your company culture. Providing employees with tools to stay connected. These are commonly discussed topics for HR and Communications leaders.

Join our virtual conference designed for the leaders in HR and Communications to be inspired. New technology, trends, and tips will be discussed so that you can bring concrete action items back to your business.


Agenda in Detail


Attracting Diverse Talent to Build an Inclusive Culture of Belonging

Workplace is where culture happens, and we have seen this every day; from our customers, to Facebook, to LineZero's team. Diversity and culture is at the very core of everything we do! In this session, we'll show you how to attract diverse talent, build a sense of community and inclusiveness with interest groups, and create an environment for easily sharing diverse opinions, thereby creating a culture of belonging.


Presentation by: Victoria Johnson & Sameer Chowdhri


Lost in the Feed? Knowledge Library Can Be Your Solution!

Learn about Knowledge Library - the persistent home for your content that you want at your people’s finger tips. You will also hear how some of the worlds leading organizations use it to make their Workplace have a greater business impact!


Presentation by: Greg Sugar and Marina Levyash



Work Smarter Not Harder! Efficiently Onboard and Offboard Seasonal and Hourly Workers 

From granting permissions to training and making sure no critical data is lost, onboarding and offboarding employees can be labour intensive. Learn how to work smarter, not harder with Workplace from Facebook. In this session, we'll show you how to use Workplace for recruitment, hiring, on/offboarding of seasonal/hourly workers, while reducing training time, and increasing employee morale.


Presentation by: Sarid Layton & Jonathan Lee


Customer Spotlight: The Impact of Technology on Employee Onboarding & Culture

In this panel discussion, we'll hear from Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps and Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment as they share insights into how technology has impacted their on-boarding strategies and how they've developed a corporate culture that stands out! Some of the questions they'll answer include:

  1. Why did your organization decide to turn to technology to help with employee onboarding? What's been the results?
  2. Has the introduction of technology led to a "new normal" of onboarding? How has it simplified the process?
  3. What have you seen in terms of corporate culture? Has there been a shift since the technology was implemented?
  4. What were some of the unexpected benefits of turning to technology to help with developing your corporate culture?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years? How do you see this technology continuing to evolve in your organization?

erika-moll-richardson-speaker-connectAlicia Rogowskinicole-stuber

Presentation by: Erika Moll-Richardson, LineZero  | Alicia Rogowski, Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps  |  Nicole Stuber, Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment 


Develop your People! Delivering Custom Learning & Development to all Members of Your Organization 

Employees who engage in training and development report increased job satisfaction and morale. In this session, you'll learn how to use Workplace's Learning feature to empower peer learning and enable scalable knowledge sharing that’s accessible and easy to consume. Join us to see how learning events and educational broadcasts can transform your employees' learning experiences.



Presentation by: Caroline Mikhail & Alfredo Becerra


Tired of the Hiring Game? Simplify the Experience with Workplace!

We've all experienced challenges and pains when it comes to recruiting & hiring talent for your organization. Now, you can use Workplace to build greater awareness, drive efficiencies, and maximize impact. In this session, we will explain how other customers are using Workplace for candidate sourcing, interview management, candidate review & feedback, interviewer & manager community, and candidate management.


Presentation by: Victoria Johnson & Jonathan Lee


Featured Speakers

Learn more about our speakers

  • Alfredo Becerra

    Alfredo Becerra is a Client Success Manager on the North American Customer Success Workplace team. He supports client initiatives by designing program framework, consulting during implementation, and engaging with executives to ensure long-term success. He has 8 years of Client Success Management experience and has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the communication space for 3 years. Prior to joining Workplace, he managed a team of Customer Success Managers at Strivr, a Virtual Reality employee training solution.

  • Marina Levyash

    Marina is a Partner Client Manager at Facebook, focused on supporting both partners and clients. She started her career in Healthcare, training future pharmacy technologists. Later, gained her customer success chops working for companies like Oracle and Huddle, as well as, various startups across the valley. Marina is passionate about helping her clients achieve success. Specifically, she loves using her background in Healthcare, Productivity and Education to provide tailored support to customers, as they embrace the power of connected communities at work.

  • Nicole Stuber

    As MLSE’s Manager, Internal Communications, Nicole is responsible for elevating the employee experience through internal communication programs that bring to life MLSE’s Common Purpose of creating extraordinary moments to its full-time and hourly employees.  Since joining MLSE in 2019, she has managed Workplace by Facebook and continues to champion internal initiatives that engage, educate, inspire and celebrate employees.

  • Sameer Chowdhri

    Sameer Chowdhri is the Global Head, HR Solutions at Facebook. He brings 21+ years of HR experience at Facebook, Microsoft, Accenture and GE. Sameer is recognized among the Top HR Leaders in Silicon Valley with expertise on culture, remote work and digital transformation. He has experience of having held HR Leadership positions, as well as worked with C-Suite executives across large enterprise companies like Starbucks, Walmart, Delta Air Lines, Scotiabank, Telefonica, Nestlé, , GSK among others. You can learn more about his background here.

  • Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee is a Strategic Partner Manager with the Workplace from Facebook team. In this role, he supports partners and helps them successfully bring Workplace to their customers. Jonathan has worked in a variety of roles in the enterprise technology sector ranging from platform partnerships to corporate business development. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and mini goldendoodle, Milo.

  • Sarid Layton

    With the start of her career in an entrepreneurial home, Sarid learned first-hand how to build a team, keep people engaged, and set priorities for real work-life balance. 

    Sarid joined Workplace from Facebook Partner, Linezero in 2019, after a transition from a ten-year career-building role in growing, leading, and running a tech-company, winning several awards in Marketing, Media and Technology. Sarid has been a trusted advisor to many CEOs and Executives in determining their investments in technology and helping them manage the transformation in adopting new tools. She brings a wealth of knowledge, strategy, and experience to her clients and future clients. Sarid is passionate about empowering organizational leaders to fully realize their potential; her mantra is "to help others go where they could not go on their own.

  • Kelly Kriegshauser

    Kelly has spent the last 7 years of her career at Facebook and is passionate about the tools Facebook is building for businesses. She started working on the Facebook Ads business in Austin, TX for a few years and later moved to Workplace HQ in London where she helped introduce the product across EMEA. She’s recently moved back home to continue building the US business as a Client Partner looking after the Southeast territory, focusing on industries with largely frontline employees.

  • Victoria Johnson

    As one of the early pioneers with Workplace Partners, Victoria has a deep understanding and has been part of the expansion of Workplace from the beginning. In June of 2019, we were thrilled when she joined our team at LineZero. Victoria’s education in Organizational/Interpersonal Communication along with a ten-year tenure in technology sales (including HR & SaaS technology) is the perfect mix for current and prospective clients when rolling out Workplace. Victoria is our US-based expert, where she enjoys yearlong sunshine with her husband and two dogs, Jackson and Deeferdog.

  • Alicia Rogowski

    Alicia led the digital transformation of the Foundation’s HR systems. In 2019, this work was recognized at the Canadian HR Awards, where the Foundation was a finalist for the Most Innovative Use of Technology category. This year, the Foundation was nominated in the Canadian HR Team of the Year (Retail/Hospitality) and Best HR Communications Strategy categories.

    Alicia obtained her Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, where she specialized in international business, and participated in an experiential study period in India.

    Alicia thrives on using technology to enhance relationships in the workplace.


60-Min Digital Culture Workshop

In this highly digitized world with a huge populations working remotely, those HR leaders who successfully digitize their culture lead the pack. The 60-minute Digital Culture Workshop will give you a digital culture score and a list of practical action items along with the latest technology to help with executing those action items. 

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For Senior Leadership

Better and higher engagement of your remote workforce... It is one of THE common topics of discussions amongst leaders in the era we are living in, isn't it? Join our virtual conference designed for executives and senior leadership to be inspired.
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For IT Leaders

Choosing and implementing the technology that enables your business and brings your people together. This is one of the primary objectives for many of the IT leaders we work with. And our primary objective for #CONN3CT virtual conference for IT leaders is to provide a platform for you to share ideas, be inspired, and bring concrete action items back to your business.
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