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Business & Technology Impacts with Regards to COVID-19

With the current and potential business and personal interruptions tied into COVID-19, I want to ensure you that we have prepared ourselves for the upcoming changes to work locations, styles and times to the best of our abilities. We have remote work plans and technologies in place for all our employees. We have also tested and are using all the guidelines that are listed below. I wanted to make sure that we are sharing over what we are doing and that you have our best practices. Our team is also available to help you with any of the ideas / concepts below.

For your business we wanted to make sure that you and your business are prepared for the impacts and let you know that we are ready to support you. Below is a checklist that we are working on for all our customers:

1. Ensure that all your employees have a laptop

2. Ensure that all remote access apps have been tested.

3. Run a trial of 50% of the office working from home and then flip and have the other 50% test working from home.

4. Ensure all remote access (VPN, Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktop) licenses are current and that you have enough of them.

5. Test telephony adjustments to allow call forwarding to cell phones, deploy and test soft phones if they are compatible with your current phone system.

6. Review all business applications and make sure they can be accessed remotely. If there are any that can’t be accessed remotely contact us to help mitigate access.

7. Select your primary communications and productivity tool for the office and announce that to all employees. We are suggesting Workplace from Facebook and Facebook has offered 1 year free of the Workplace Advanced Plan to anyone who hasn’t deployed Workplace already (costs associated with Workplace deployment are not included.)

8. Create a strategy for urgent team wide communications to all team members related to COVID-19.

Also we recommend you advise your employees on the following guidelines for dealing with COVID-19:

- Avoid shaking hands / hugging / physical contact with any greetings.
- Employees should self quarantine if they are feeling ill.
- Employees should self quarantine if they travel outside of Ontario.
- Follow good hygiene habits including coughing / sneezing into a tissue or inside of elbow and wash hands immediately.
- Monitor for any illness and immediately send people to work from home for 14 days.
- Get a touchless thermometer for the office.
- Delay / cancel any company social events.
- Increase frequency of cleaning and be sure to use disinfectants.
- Consider activities to boost immune systems -
- We are strongly discouraging personal travel to the areas currently identified as areas impacted by Coronavirus, as outlined by the Canadian government at
- Business travel must be authorized by a VP prior to departure.

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