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Would you like to see a 10% increase in revenue per customer, a 20% reduction in time to make decisions and a 398% ROI in a single instance of application launch?


Attracting top talent. Creating more relatable leaders. Effectively communicating strategy and priorities. Motivating your employees. Are these some of your top priorities? Many of the senior executives we work with say so, and they're often looking for a two-way communication tool that can support them. Workplace from Facebook (Workplace) is that tool - used and loved by over 30,000 organizations globally.

Workplace supports your business objectives to connect everyone from the leadership team to frontline, empowering everyone to work together through two-way communication streams where feedback can be given and sentiment can be measured. Plus, retain top talent by easily recognizing a job well done, and increase employee satisfaction by giving everyone a voice. 

Here are some of the ways Workplace can support executive teams:

Reduce Ex Distance

Increase Transparency

Workplace provides a platform for leaders to have more transparent and conversational forms of communication to share critical company updates, changes in corporate policy, and more. Workplace also helps employees become more engaged and feel more connected to the organization’s mission and strategy.

Motivate employees

Motivate Employees

You can make recognition an everyday part of company culture by merely creating feedback Groups to highlight employees who are doing great work.

Live Streaming with hands

Close the Gap

Global data suggests there’s a crisis of trust in executive leadership at large companies. With Workplace, your executive team can easily have authentic, two-way communications with peers and employees, which helps to build corporate culture and improve perceptions of leadership.

Connected Workforce

Build a Connected Culture

Workplace Groups are spaces where teammates or like-minded people within the organization can come together to achieve their goals or share their interests.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

From frontline to HQ, or CEO to new starter, Workplace empowers everyone in an organization to share information, communicate and work together - all from the same platform.


Reduce Distance

Despite best efforts, it’s easy for the CEO to become a remote figure from their employees. Workplace uses cutting-edge solutions like Live Video and Groups to make it easy for C-Level executives to share thoughts or updates, wherever they are, whatever their schedule.


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