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Frontline Workers

77 million-plus workers who make up the North American frontline workforce. with over 50% as Frontline workers. And over half of these people either don’t have a corporate email or are being asked to use personal devices for work.
Does this sound like your organization?


In a survey by Edison Research on Demographics, Devices and Disconnection we learned that:

  • 79% of companies were delivering critical business information in person

  • 52% using a written bulletin board for relaying important information. The reality is, when companies rely on shift managers or bulletin boards to keep their employees informed or trained, it not only costs the company money, but it is not conducive to a collaborative environment, which can lead to discontent among the workforce and faster employee turnover.

Workplace from  looks to change the conversation in every organization, giving everyone, especially frontline workers, a way to connect with their colleagues and superiors. By allowing everyone to use a single, easy-to-use, device-agnostic platform to connect and collaborate, regardless of physical location, Workplace can help you to reduce employee turnover due to feelings of disconnection, isolation, and disinterest. This has been seen with the more than 3-million paid users who are leveraging the Workplace platform today.

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Increase Productivity

You can create specific groups for each of your organization’s teams, use chat and video calling for instant answers on essential questions, and share documents for instantaneous collaborative feedback.

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Increase Engagement

Your team can create posts, polls, videos, and important company updates in minutes, and get real-time responses for more effortless employee engagement.

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Through Workplace from Facebook’s real-time collaboration, you can use polls, share videos and documents, and call your team, helping you achieve consensus on new products/services in a matter of minutes.

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Build Your Culture

All work and no play makes for a dull organization. Workplace from Facebook engages and fosters a sense of community, too! Capture your employees’ sentiments, share personal announcements & kudos, or create social groups to encourage familiarity, bonding, and connection.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Propel your organization into the modern era, decreasing the need to spend time on emails and giving those without corporate email addresses the same equal opportunity of a voice for the company. With Workplace, you can focus on real-time, instant communication with your team.

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Knowledge Management

Workplace from Facebook allows for unlimited storage space, so you can post documents, product or service updates, training videos, and more to your heart’s content without ever worrying about bandwidth. Plus, whatever you post is searchable, so you can find it easily when you need it.

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