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Would you like to see a 10% higher employee retention and a 34% reduced time for frontline employees to receive company news / announcements?


Retaining your top talent, decreasing turnover, making your onboarding process more efficient, increasing employee engagement, improving communications, getting out of silos… do these sound familiar? Want a tool that supports your HR objectives?

Workplace from Facebook (Workplace) supports HR by providing one place to connect everyone, making communication more effective, and turning your organization into a community. HR teams at over 30,000 organizations worldwide are using Workplace to achieve their HR objectives and seeing the results they were hoping for. 

Here are some of the ways Workplace supports HR:

CT Warehouse

Single Source of Truth

Workplace can be a single, shared knowledge base where employees can learn from each other.

Motivate employees

Gauge Sentiments

Workplace turns one-way broadcasts into two-way conversations by bringing communication into the open and encouraging feedback in the form of likes, comments, shares, and reactions. It’s also quick and easy to run polls on Workplace to measure sentiment or crowd-source hot topics for executives to tackle in Q&As.

Connected Workforce

Automate On-boarding

You can use Bots to automate most of your onboarding processes, freeing up your valuable time for handling more important tasks.

Two Females on Couch looking at computer

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge about a company’s culture or process is often locked away inside emails, or "gathering dust" on an intranet. On Workplace, knowledge is openly shared directly into groups or the News Feed. By doing so, Workplace can also help to reduce onboarding time for new employees while reinforcing cultural values – this knowledge is all searchable.

Team looking at bulletin board

Reduce the Distance

From frontline to HQ, or CEO to new starter, Workplace empowers everyone in an organization to share information, communicate and work together - all from the same platform.

Human Resources

Attract Talent

Great technology is a competitive differentiator in the battle for talent. Workplace makes it easier to recruit, onboard, and empower the best people with familiar tools and cutting-edge experiences.


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