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Let's work together to effectively plan, deploy and boost your Workplace technology investment.


1. Roadmap Workplace


LineZero’s Workplace Roadmap Engagement produces a visual blueprint of the technology roadmap to gather the right team of champions, define the right goals, and execute a methodical deployment plan that addresses your organization’s existing technologies, processes and people needs.

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2. Launch Workplace

$10-15K mini-launch, less than 2,000 employees

Launching Workplace is the first step to transforming the way your organization communicates, collaborates and gets work done. Following the five pillars of success, LineZero will facilitate your Workplace pre-launch and launch success in the following categories: executive engagement, technical integration, workflows and group structure, communication strategy, early champions and training.

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3. Workplace Advisory & Support

$3K+ per month, up to 10,000 employees

LineZero’s Workplace Advisory and Support Services will help you utilize Workplace to its full potential and enjoy the ROI you are looking for through strong adoption and long-term retention. LineZero’s Workplace Advisory & Support Services includes adoption management activities like campaign planning, group restructuring, hosting virtual events and implementing leading practices on digital channel strategy.

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Tips from Tim Horton's Foundation Camps to Make Your Workplace Launch a Success

By launching Workplace to coincide with Camp Day, all stories, testimonials, and videos were able to be instantly shared over Workplace’s platform. Workplace allowed everyone at Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps to be able to see what was happening across Canada and interact with the various restaurant-wide initiatives that were taking place.  

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Workplace from Facebook Case Study

Using Bots to Boost the Employee Experience

DYSIS wanted to efficiently deliver HR information to consultants instead of relying on phone or personal email. To tackle this task, DYSIS implemented a Workplace bot called “Harry Botter” that is connected to their HR system and can answer frequently asked questions. 

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Workplace bots to boost employee experience

To learn more about how you can drive success with Workplace, simply request a call from our team to discuss your specific needs.