Canadian Tire adopts Workplace

Canadian Tire

780 hours of meetings saved annually by collaborating real-time in Workplace.

About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is one of the first corporations in Canadian Retail. Dating back to 1922, starting in the resale of tires, Canadian Tire has become a household name, selling a wide range of automotive, hardware, sports and leisure, home products, and more. Canadian Tire employs more than 30,000 part-time and full-time members, which does not include temporary, seasonal, associate, or franchise owners.


The Challenge

  • There were several internal software solutions already in place, with many of them requiring upgrades or extremely antiquated.
  • With locations across Canada, employee communication was limited, even inside the store with hundreds of employees.
  • Store and Franchise owners found it hard to stay connected, share ideas and collaborate.


The Solution

Canadian Tire adopted Workplace, saving money and time while increasing connectivity, communication and collaboration for employees and between Store and Franchise Owners. Learn about some of the features they are using.










North America


The Impact

Workplace connects the sales team to marketing and production, no matter where they are in the world.

Workplace changed the corporate culture from a top-down broadcast mentality to an inclusive, real-time collaborative environment in less than 9-months.

Workplace gives a space for instant, real-time feedback from users on food and product to the client happiness team. 

One Company United 

Rather than emailing separate business units with the announcements and important information that would have to be printed out and shared with part time, temporary, and seasonal workers, Canadian Tire implemented Workplace, and began utilizing the company-wide announcements features available to them. The news across the corporation generated positive comments and reactions that unified employees through a shared platform.


Speeding Up Information

Canadian Tire introduced the Group feature inside Workplace by creating department, team, multi-company, and multi-store groups. Any time a customer service rep posted a question in the CSR Group, the e-Commerce Manager of any business unit was able to answer (often within hours), advising of a solution. With faster knowledge-sharing built in to these groups, business process efficiencies are now being realized across the business.


Breaking Down Barriers 

With a large workforce spanning multiple brands, locations and even countries; Store and Franchise Owners found it challenging to stay connected. Opportunities were limited to share ideas and collaborate. With Workplace Groups, Store and Franchise Owners can share stories, , best practices, ask questions, and learn at a faster rate than ever before.


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