5-Day Workplace Email Course for Comms 


Our no-cost 5-Day Workplace Email Course for Comms is for communications professionals (just like you!) whose objectives include improving the effectiveness of internal communications by connecting everyone from CEO to frontline, building a connected culture, and increasing employee engagement.


Bonus: At the end of the email course, you will receive a comprehensive eBook about Workplace by Facebook which includes how communications teams at over 30,000 organizations worldwide are utilizing it to achieve their internal communications objectives. 

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How does it work?

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Day 1 - Lesson 1

Connecting everyone; from frontline to HQ, CEO to new hire 



Day 2 - Lesson 2

Breaking down silos



Day 3 - Lesson 3

Integrating multiple tools you're already using


Day 4 - Lesson 4

Enabling seamless two-way communications



Day 5 - Lesson 5

Checking in on your employees during a crisis



Final Email

A comprehensive eBook about Workplace by Facebook