7-Day Workplace Email Course for C-Suite 


Our no-cost 7-Day Workplace Email Course designed specifically for C-Level Executives whose objectives include increasing employee engagement, decreasing a turnover rate, attracting top talent, improving internal communications, and getting out of silos.


Bonus: At the end of the email course, you will receive a comprehensive eBook about Workplace by Facebook which includes how over 30,000 organizations worldwide are utilizing it to achieve their business objectives. 



How does it work?

Sign up now and receive 7 emails for the next 7 days about how Workplace by Facebook can help you best tackle some of the most common business pain points that many organizations experience.


Day 1 - Lesson 1

Connect everyone; from frontline to HQ, CEO to new hire



Day 2 - Lesson 2

Improve your employee engagement



Day 3 - Lesson 3

Retain top talent by recognizing a job well done



Day 4 - Lesson 4

Integrate multiple tools you're using into one place



Day 5 - Lesson 5

Break down silos



Day 6 - Lesson 6

Automate tedious tasks to increase productivity


Day 7 - Lesson 7

Ensure quick communications in crisis with Safety Check



Final Email

A comprehensive eBook about Workplace by Facebook