Workplace for HR


Retaining your top talent, decreasing turnover, making your onboarding process more efficient, increasing employee engagement, improving communications, getting out of silos… do these sound familiar? Want a tool that supports your HR objectives?

Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) supports HR by providing one place to connect everyone, making communication more effective, and turning your organization into a community. HR teams at over 30,000 organizations worldwide are using Workplace to achieve their HR objectives and seeing the results they were hoping for. Here are some of the ways Workplace supports HR:

Connecting Everyone on Workplace

Workplace supports HR by connecting everyone to make communication more effective. 


Connecting Employees to the Company Mission

Workplace provides a platform for leaders to have more transparent and conversational forms of communication to share critical company updates. This helps employees become more engaged and feel more connected to the organization’s mission and strategy.

Empowering Everyone

From frontline to HQ, or CEO to new starter, Workplace empowers everyone in an organization to share information, communicate and work together - all from the same platform.

Enabling two-way communications

Workplace turns one-way broadcasts into two-way conversations by bringing communication into the open and encouraging feedback in the form of likes, comments, shares and reactions.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction with Workplace

Workplace supports HR by empowering everybody to work together in ways that are faster and easier, which increases employee satisfaction.


Onboarding Faster

Workplace can be a single, shared knowledge base where employees can learn from each other. You can also use Bots to automate most of your onboarding processes. Doesn't that sound great? Book a Bots demo to  see how your onboarding Bots might function >>

Motivating employees

With Workplace, you can make recognition an everyday part of company culture by simply creating feedback Groups to highlight employees doing great work.

Creating Purpose-Driven Communities

Workplace Groups are spaces where teammates or like-minded people can come together to achieve their goals or share their interests.

Building a Connected Culture on Workplace

Workplace supports HR by building a connected culture where meaningful work supports a stronger employer brand and increases retention.


Reducing the distance between people

When employees are more connected, trust increases, teamwork improves and people are more engaged with their work.

Increasing Retention

Workplace creates connected companies in which teamwork is faster, culture is stronger and people want to stick around.

Improving Employer Brand

Using the latest tools is a competitive differentiator for employers. Workplace uses Facebook features like News Feed, chat and Live video, which are already familiar to over 2 billion people around the world and don’t require any additional training for wall-to-wall deployment.

Tools and Technology for HR

Live Video

If a picture's worth a thousand words, video is priceless. Live video is the most engaging and authentic way to communicate company strategy while encouraging real-time feedback.

Messaging & Calls

You can help your employees reduce the distance between them with messaging, voice and video calls, available on desktop and mobile. Your people will be able to connect wherever they are.

News Feed for Updates

News Feed creates a personalized stream of company updates so people can quickly get the information they care about and join the conversation with comments and reactions.


Workplace gives your teams a perfect platform to create spaces to manage projects or build communities. Your staff can invite colleagues to share posts, start conversations or get work done.


Workplace can make your new employee onboarding process as efficient as you want it to be by automating most of the tedious tasks and freeing up your HR staff to handle the more important aspects of your hiring process. 

One place for all conversations

Workplace is the central place for all conversations between colleagues. It truly makes two-way communications possible because everyone - from the CEO to the desk-less, email-less frontline worker - has the same access to it.

5-Day Workplace Email Course for HR


Our no-cost 5-Day Workplace Email Course for HR is for HR professionals like you whose objectives include retaining top talent, making the onboarding process more efficient, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing a turnover rate.

By signing up, you will receive five emails (one email per day) filled with information around how HR teams around the globe are using Workplace for their onboarding, engagement, communications, and more.


Ready to Try Workplace?

Workplace Roadmap Engagement

Our 1-day Workplace Roadmap Engagement will give you an in-depth overview of the benefits of using Workplace in your organization. We’ll review what’s most important to your business, understand your current organizational structure and what current digital tools you have in place, then help you build your roadmap to success. 

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Workplace Full Deployment Solution

To ensure that the platform is successful for both the short and long-term, it’s critical to take the time and plan out your deployment. Our Workplace Deployment offer provides you with a chance to work with our experienced team to ensure that the launch of the technology itself, the communication around that launch, and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is a success. 

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