Change the way your colleagues connect, collaborate, and communicate! During the planning phase, LineZero’s gurus will help you plan out how to introduce Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) in such a way that this change is welcomed. A solid planning helps increase ROI. We will also begin the discussion with you on designing and launching your custom Workplace platform. 

Technical Integrations


We will look at what your organization is currently using and determine the best way to integrate current tools and platforms with Workplace. Integration of Workplace into your IT systems will ensure a seamless transition and simplified user management, regardless of the device they’re using. Mobile or desktop – you want the best experience no matter which device you use. 

Environment Structure & Workflow


Our gurus will work with you to understand your organization’s culture and how people are going to interact with each other in this new platform. We’ll help you:

- Set up your Workplace environment, ensuring that you’re creating the necessary core groups to be set up before launch;
- Determine how new groups will be set up in the future; 
- Define group naming conventions; and
- Ensure security settings are adequate for your unique needs.
Communication Strategies

In order for a seamless transition to Workplace, communication is key. We’ll help you form a solid communications strategy for your organization, which will highlight the benefits of Workplace to your employees and show everyone in the organization how Workplace will align with business goals. Pre-launch, during launch, and post-launch, our gurus will help you generate excitement and engagement with attractive visuals, email teasers, and customized videos. 

Training Early Adopters

We’ll work with you to identify and assemble a community of champions and early adopters of your new Workplace platform. We will provide training sessions to get them prepared to support your community during launch, and encourage them to continue to play an active role in Workplace engagement campaigns post-launch, too.

Executive Engagement

Workplace is for everyone within your organization that includes your executive team! We’ll show your executives how their engagement can help support the overall success of your Workplace launch and provide them with not only guidance but also sample content that they can use to engage their teams. 

​Post Launch


We are with you every step of the way – and that includes after launch! One week, three weeks, and one month after launch, we’ll review your Workplace analytics reporting with you, and identify and track the success of your launch through various key performance indicators on Workplace adoption and usage. Based on those analytics reports, we can also provide ideas to help drive Workplace engagement.



Launching your Workplace platform isn’t the last step. There is plenty of room for innovation, and we’ll help you continue to modernize your processes and workflows to make day-to-day, repetitive tasks easier. Whether it’s bots or custom integrations, we’ll help you create the culture your organization craves.

Ongoing Support


From account management, to analytics, to best practices, we’re there for you! Our ongoing support will provide you with the peace of mind that you’re looking for.

Ready to Try Workplace?

Workplace Roadmap Engagement

Our 1-day Workplace Roadmap Engagement will give you an in-depth overview of the benefits of using Workplace in your organization. We’ll review what’s most important to your business, understand your current organizational structure and what current digital tools you have in place, then help you build your roadmap to success. 

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Workplace Full Deployment Solution

To ensure that the platform is successful for both the short and long-term, it’s critical to take the time and plan out your deployment. Our Workplace Deployment offer provides you with a chance to work with our experienced team to ensure that the launch of the technology itself, the communication around that launch, and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is a success. 

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