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We have one goal: To create connected communities by providing a solution that is easy, intuitive and people would want to use.

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"I’ve used Workplace as a story and Network activity alert. I’ve discovered field efforts, anti-poaching successes, non-US focused action campaigns, and more. I also use it to alert my team to such opportunities. It’s quick, the notifications are seamless with our Facebook-heavy lifestyle, and I find the interface easy and comforting."
Alex MacLennan
Editorial Director
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"Workplace helps our employees connect and visually showcases our global teams. We're breaking down silos, communicating across functions and driving engagement, especially amongst our remote employee populations. It has definitely ignited our spirit of fun."

Richelle Luther
SVP & Chief Human
Resources Officer
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" Workplace has brought the people of GoPro closer together, fostering global dialogue, cross-departmental collaboration and organizational efficiency. From implementation to optimization, Workplace is an impressively logical platform that is easy for users to understand and requires little to no onboard training."
Christopher Clark
Director of Communications
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“The beauty of Workplace is that there's no training needed. People know how to use it because they use Facebook every day. It was the easiest rollout we've ever done. Once people get on it, they're hooked.”

Jami Lamontagne
Senior Communications Director
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“It’s easy, intuitive and everyone uses it – from our Board to our project teams. I can see a difference in how we are working together. We’re collaborating more efficiently on projects and creating a sense of community for Danoners around the globe.”
Francisco Camacho
Executive Vice President, Waters
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“I hope the Workplace by Facebook team is aware of how they are helping us seamlessly deploy and respond to the AHCA situation nationally and in real-time. Workplace is helping us change the world for moms and babies.”

Christopher Maddocks
Chief Marketing Officer
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“As we underwent significant cultural transformation, Workplace enabled us to connect, empower and unite all 5,000+ employees around our common purpose of creating extraordinary moments for our fans and each other.”

Roopa Shah
Director, Employee Experience & Internal Communications,
“Campbell is more connected than we've ever been. We’ve seen a complete transformation in just 9 months. I think it's because Workplace has tools that people can use whenever and wherever they are.”

Kristin Ennis
Senior Manager, Communications
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“As a leader, the benefits of having your team connect in a cohesive way will increase overall productivity and employee satisfaction. What management doesn't want that for their team? From a business perspective, that kind of activity has a very positive impact on the bottom line.”
Cathy Strukely
Director, Communications & Marketing
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