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Getting Started

  • Why Workplace?

    It makes life easier.

    Workplace is more than just another tool for your team; its AI adapts to your work style and delivers top information to you, becoming smarter and more relevant the more you use it. Workplace drives behaviour changes to increase communication, ideas, and innovation. It breaks down language barriers. It’s a single source of truth for your whole organization, and it’s available anywhere, anytime.

  • Why do I need a partner? Why can't I work directly with Workplace?

    Workplace offers two solutions: DIY or partner-led. You could do your own integration, however, a partner is there to walk you through the entire journey; from the initial roadmap discussion, to what teams would benefit most, to when the best time to launch is, working with a partner can help ensure success. Workplace partners, like LineZero, work with an attitude of support, helping you every step of the way.

  • What is involved with a Workplace launch?

    Launching Workplace is one of the most exciting projects you will have in your career! You will change the way all your colleagues connect, communicate and collaborate. With this change comes vital work to make sure this change is embraced and your whole organization benefits from Workplace.

    Learn more about a partner-lead launch here. 

  • Who controls what Groups are created? How are Groups Created?

    This is entirely up to you! Your organization can determine how you want Workplace Groups to be created and managed. You can choose to limit Group creation to administrators or management only, or leave permissions open for all employees to create their own Groups. Settings are customized based on how you would like your Workplace configured.

    Before deciding to allow a “free-for-all”, however, we do advise that you have a discussion around the goals and objectives behind implementing Workplace in your organization. This will help to determine how Groups will be created, and who can create Groups. Interested in learning more about your options for Groups? Let’s chat! 

  • Do you need a dedicated person to create content all the time?

    Workplace is designed to be driven by your team and regular day-to-day content. We do recommend that you choose internal Champions who will initiate content and drive engagement during the initial stages of your Workplace launch, however, once your employees adopt Workplace, the content can be entirely driven by their requirements and needs. The great thing is, Workplace is familiar, in that it uses many of the same features in Facebook – this can bring an instant level of comfort to the employees, and will help them to feel better about posting their own generated content.



  • What if I already have collaboration tools?

    Workplace does more than streamline communications - it reaches all levels of the company with particular focus on email-less or deskless employees, and embraces a culture of swiftness and transparency.

    Foresters Consulting's recent Total Economic Impact Study  found that companies using Workplace have a 25% reduction in communication expenses. Workplace has replaced intranets, printed newsletters, announcements, bulletins, centralized telephony systems, video, live streaming, and more.

    Workplace also has a high rate of adoption, based on the fact that it’s so similar to Facebook. With features like News Feed, Groups, and Workplace Chat, Workplace from Facebook requires very little additional training for employee adoption.

  • How does Workplace work with Microsoft Teams or other collaboration tools?

    At LineZero, we've found that many of our clients leverage both Teams and Workplace together because they perform different and complementary functions. Teams is focused on productivity and allows for direct document collaboration and version control, whereas Workplace shines at building company culture, cohesiveness and actually drives adoption on your other productivity platforms like Teams and SharePoint. Similar sentiments can be expressed with other collaboration tools – often, Workplace can be used in tandem with tools like Slack, or Yammer for similar results.

    To get the full scope of Workplace, Teams and other tools, see our tool comparison guide, or check out our recent article on Teams, Slack and Workplace: To Infinite  and Beyond (link



  • Does Workplace connect to my Facebook Account?

    No. Workplace and Facebook are entirely separate entities, with unique apps and websites. Your personal Facebook account is not linked with your Workplace account. Anything you share on Workplace will not appear on Facebook, and vice versa.

  • Can employers see employees' personal Facebook Accounts?

    No, an employer cannot see an employee's Facebook account, unless of course, you’ve set your Facebook account to public. As mentioned in the question above, Workplace and Facebook are entirely separate entities.

  • What if an employee leaves? Who owns the Workplace Account?

    As the employer, if you are using Essential Advanced or Enterprise, you own and grant access to your employees, contractors, suppliers, customers or whomever else you choose to have in your Workplace instance. If an employee leaves your organization, or if you change suppliers, you or your admins will have access to change their permissions or delete them completely from your environment.

    If your company is using Workplace Standard, the employee will have the option to delete or deactivate the account.

  • Who owns the content and information created on Workplace?

    If you're using Workplace Essential, Advanced or Enterprise, your company owns the information and data your employees create in your Workplace instance. The Terms Agreement with Workplace outlines that you own all your data, and Workplace is only a data processor.

    If you're using Workplace Standard, you own the information and data your employees create, although Facebook's Community Standards apply. Facebook acts as the data controller and is responsible for the processing of users' data.

  • How does Workplace comply with EU data processing requirements?

    Organizations using Workplace Advanced are provided with specific provisions to address EU data protection requirements. Additionally, Facebook is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which helps companies comply with EU data transfer requirements as part of their use of Workplace. More information about Facebook's participation in the Privacy Shield Framework. 

  • Is Workplace SOC certified?

    Workplace annually undergoes rigorous security verification audits and has completed certification against ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC2, SOC3 global standards. Workplace also adheres to the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks, and are GDPR compliant. Read the full SOC report here. 

  • How does Workplace keep my company's information secure?

    Facebook takes security very seriously, ensuring the security of information is the core of all products it builds, including Workplace. From transport layer protocols to machine learning for threat detection, Workplace from Facebook's network is protected by a combination of advanced automated systems, best-in-class encryption standards and dedicated security teams.

    The security of Workplace service is regularly evaluated and tested by internal security experts and independent third parties, including full source code reviews and penetration tests. These reports and results are openly shared with Workplace Advanced and Enterprise customers upon request.

    We recognize that companies need control over service that connect to their networks. Workplace Advance and Enterprise customers have complete access to manage their Workplace security settings and policies. Advanced and Enterprise customers can also use APIs to monitor activity for policy enforcement and receive alerts.

    Want to learn more about security and trust on Workplace? Visit Workplace Security here



  • Does Workplace pricing include the cost of implementation?

    Workplace pricing does not include the cost of implementation. For custom pricing based on your organization's unique requirements, book a consultation with one of our experts today. 


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