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Would you like to see a 10% increase in revenue per customer, a 20% reduction in time to make decisions and a 398% ROI in a single instance of application launch?


Connect Everyone with

Lack of internal communications, ineffective communications, silos between teams… do these pain points sound familiar? Workplace from Facebook (Workplace) is the tool that can address these challenges.  ​

This is a checklist designed to help prospective customers understand what you can expect with the Advanced License Launch service, which our Principal, Digital Transformation, and Workplace Strategist will be guiding you through during launch -- this is a sample plan and will change depending on your unique priorities and goals.


Are you ready?

Road-map for your Workplace

Architect & Map

We start with a road-map of your organization that will give you an in-depth overview of strategic initiatives, understand your current organizational structure, what existing digital tools you have in place, implementation timelines, and business cases for leveraging emerging technology integrated into the Workplace ecosystem.


Communication Planning for an Organization

Communication Plan

For a seamless transition to Workplace, communication is vital. We’ll help you form a robust comms. plan, that will highlight the benefits, and outcomes to everyone in the organization. Pre-launch, during launch, and post-launch, our specialists will help you generate excitement and engagement.

Frontline Delivery Worker

Seamless Adoption

Partner-led Workplace deployment and adoptions provide you with access to a seasoned team that will help you ensure a successful launch of the technology itself. The communication around the launch and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is also critical.

Remote worker on video chat

Connect Everyone

We will review your existing tools and platforms and ensure Workplace is seamlessly integrated with them to ensure optimal user experience, regardless of the device your employees are using. Mobile or desktop – you want the best experience.

Executive Engagement

Transparent Leadership

Workplace is for everyone within your organization - that includes your executive team! We’ll show your executives how their engagement can help support the overall success of your Workplace launch and provide them with not only guidance but also sample content that they can use to engage their teams.

Game of chess

Workplace Support

We understand with any software launch there is a honeymoon period, our Advisory & Support Service helps your Comms & IT team navigate the post-launch taking a deliberate and intentional approach to maximizing the power of Workplace, Integrations, Bots, AI and more. Already using Workplace? Wonderful! Let's begin.

Why engage a Workplace Partner? 

setup-workplace Workplace set up for all your employees

technical-integration-1 Technical integration support

workflow-setup Groups, structure, and workflow set up

training 1:1 training for administrators and champions

adoption Adoption Plan for launch
     - Posters
     - Emails
     - Video support

support Post-deployment support

Workplace background

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