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Will the Metaverse and Mixed Reality Affect the Way We Work and Live?


Jaime McMahon:

Let’s explore some of the trends that will probably influence the Metaverse, Mixed Reality and three-dimensional experiences and how these trends may transition into the corporate space.

I think what we're seeing right now, in many aspects of our lives, is a shift from physical to digital, almost like a dematerialization in a sense, from places to spaces. And what I mean by that is, once upon a time we could start a conversation with, "Where are you from?" And if you were from a specific country or a specific region, you could probably tell quite a lot about that person because of the experiences that they would have had. It would be very specific to that region,  and to the influences they were exposed to that, most importantly, would also be localized to that region.

But due to technology, this is no longer the case, especially for the young generation. Much of their formative experiences will shift from where they are from to what they may experience digitally. This concept of where you're from means many different things now. As that shift continues into the immaterial space, into what people are experiencing in their personal lives and in their Mixed Reality experiences, and into influences from social media, we can already see the effects on political beliefs and many other topics. Personal beliefs will be based on the way in which we experience information. Information is going to grow, shape, and shift.

It’s still very difficult to see where Mixed Reality is going to go because the hardware and software cost is still a huge barrier to entry. But we've seen smartphones and know that they are relatively expensive yet they have almost become commoditized because so much of the world has one. In fact, billions of people have smartphones.

Manufacturing scale and the economic scale from a pricing perspective will influence the evolution of Mixed Reality and the technology. We may soon see it miniaturized, hardened and easier to consume. That's going to drive adoption and more innovation in the MR space, which in turn is going to shape who we are and how we define ourselves.

This whole notion of a shift from place to space, will affect how digital experience are going to play a role in how brands will want to represent themselves to broaden their influence. Obviously, there's going to be a notion of how we influence organizations or individuals to purchase from us and what we can do to be part of their Mixed Reality.

But it's also going to apply to employees internally. How are we going to drive staff engagement? Is it going to be the same way as before? Are we going to use email as our primary means of communication? All these things are going to shift over time.

I'm quite interested to see what this journey has in store for us regarding where we are going to go, how the Metaverse and Mixed Reality will influence the shift from 2D to 3D, and change how we think about things and influence who we are.

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