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The Metaverse at Work –
The future of work

The Metaverse is coming! Actually, it is already here!
As a Meta partner, LineZero can be your guide to the Metaverse.

First Things First! What is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a digital environment where people connect, work, socialize, and create. It's a fully embodied and immersive digital experience. Companies of all sizes are already building rich virtual experiences, learning from global experts without traveling, and even saving lives! Imagine what you could do! As a Meta partner, LineZero can be your guide to the Metaverse! 

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The metaverse has been waiting for you!

The Metaverse concept has indeed been around for a while now. Ever since augmented reality technologies were first introduced, it's also been used in virtual worlds like VR and AR! LineZero has been at the forefront of this technology. We have the experience and expertise to help you take your first steps into the Metaverse. 

Let us be your metaverse gurus!

Hop on board, we’ve already brought organizations into the Metaverse.  Unlocking your digital future begins with a deep understanding. Making proactive investments in the early stages will lock in a competitive advantage and position you and your organization as industry leaders within the Metaverse. 

We’ll help you create immersive onboarding experiences that close the distance between your people and your business. We will help you make remote work feel less distant and enable you to digitally spread your brick and mortar office culture to all.  

Have a look at the two exciting new products and experiences from Meta:

Horizon Workrooms:
a new kind of remote teamwork room to work like never before.

Horizon workrooms (beta) is the VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas, together. Meet teammates across the table, even if you're across the world.

Quest for business:
freedom to work where you want, with anyone.

Virtual reality is continually transforming the way people, teams and businesses get stuff done. Step into your ideal workspace—where distractions disappear and productivity reigns.

As a meta partner, linezero can help you discover the metaverse with workplace from meta.

Workplace from Meta is the first business application on the Metaverse platform. LineZero has been working with
Workplace from Meta to help bring organizations into the Metaverse while enhancing their employee experience and corporate culture! 

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Take a look at our metaverse blog posts!

We believe in the Metaverse and are passionate about sharing knowledge about its benefits and applications.
Dive into some Metaverse content written by our very own experts.

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In this video-blog our CEO talks about what the future of virtual meetings inside the metaverse will be like and how to be prepared for. Keep Reading!

5 Tips for Leaders to Effectively Lead Your Company into The Metaverse

In this blog post, we'll explore 5 tips on how to effectively lead your company into the Metaverse. Learn more about the Corporate Metaverse with LineZero

Avatars and Inclusion in the Metaverse – A Quintillion Options

Workplaces are becoming more virtual, but falling short when it comes to inclusion. The Metaverse will allow everyone to feel comfortable in digital spaces

Learn more about the future of work in the metaverse.

Explore what the future of work in the metaverse has in store for you. We stand on the brink of the next fundamental change in computing platforms. A world in which we don’t just connect on different screens and devices, but in different realities. Join us at the center of that change.

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are you ready to be a part of the future of work in the metaverse? let linezero help you out.

With assistance from the experts at LineZero, Workplace from Meta in the Metaverse can help improve your current employee experience by:

✔️ Engaging every employee by giving them a digital voice

✔️ Upgrading your leadership communications

✔️ Bringing employees closer together with simple, effective integrations

✔️ Growing a company culture of care and belonging