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LineZero is a people-first organization and a trusted partner of Workplace from Meta (Workplace). We are part of ProServeIT Corporation, a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner, established in 2002. LineZero is led by a people-centric president and leadership team with people and technology at the core of our DNA that builds culture, connection, and community.

Workplace is a corporate communications tool that reduces the feeling of distance by helping senior leaders to wrap their arms around their teams, giving everyone including frontlines a place to share their voice and stories, and building virtual bridges across geographically dispersed offices.

Ultimately, Workplace creates a virtual backyard barbecue that is intimate and open to everyone in your organization. We are here to build that virtual backyard barbecue you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s build it so you and your people can share stories over good food and better company.

Your success matters to us.
Partner with us. Let's work together to build connected communities in your organization.

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Around the Clock Support

Our team is always awake, always on! To provide consistent 24x7x365 customer service, we are headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with offices in:

Prince Edward Island, Canada 
Illinois, United States 
New Mexico, United States
Paris, France
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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We Bring Our Company Values to Life

These are the three core values that everyone at LineZero follows on a daily basis. These values truly represent who we are and what we care about on a deeply personal level. 

People Matter.

At LineZero, we put people first. No matter which member of our team you interact with, our guarantee is that you're always going to be met with compassion, understanding, and a genuine desire to assist you in getting to the solutions you need to be successful.

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Be Like Gumby. 

Like the versatile and supple character from the 50's and 60's, flexibility is our middle name! When you work with our skilled and talented team, you'll be working with flexible, workable, innovative, and adaptable people. 

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Do It Right. 

Regardless of the role in the company, everyone at LineZero wants to do the right thing for our customers. From our sales and marketing, to development, to accounting, to the leadership team, when you work with anyone here at LineZero, you're going to get our best. Because we want to do it right - the first time!

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Happy International Women's Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

At LineZero, we are committed to forging a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. We want to make women feel more welcome and empowered in the IT industry.

In celebration of International Women's Day, LineZero and ProServeIT employees made pledges and created a cohesive video on how we will #BreakTheBias.

Let's continue to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality!


Pioneering the Future of Work

We are humbled and inspired by our customers who go above and beyond to serve their customers and community.

Industries We Serve

Professional Services 

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Philanthropy is Embedded in Our Culture

LineZero's "People Matter" value inspires us to find ways to give back to our local communities every day. Click below to read more!