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LineZero Achieves B Corp Certification | Committing to Impact for Good

LineZero is delighted to announce its accreditation as a Certified B Corporation. This distinction comes after a thorough impact evaluation, assessing companies on top-tier social and environmental performance, responsibility, and transparency.

The strict certification process, executed by B Lab, a global nonprofit, acknowledges profit-driven enterprises that employ business as a tool for societal and ecological good, meeting high standards in these areas. B Lab's certification covers five key domains: governance, workforce, community, environment, and customers.


“LineZero is excited to join a worldwide initiative that advocates positive change through business,” stated Jamie McMahon, Chief Digital Officer. “Our pledge to social and environmental responsibility goes beyond our tech solutions; it’s a core part of our ethos, and this certification proves our continuous efforts to create a significant impact.”

Setting New Standards in Corporate Responsibility

In the tech sector, LineZero is forging a new path in corporate accountability, advocating sustainable practices and influencing positive shifts in the digital realm. The company is dedicated to using technology beneficially, aligning its operations with ethical standards, and contributing to a more inclusive, fair, and eco-friendly economy.

“Earning Certified B Corporation status isn’t about attaining flawlessness; it’s about collective efforts for economic system reform,” noted Mihae Ahn, Vice President of Marketing. “Our B Corp recognition proves our commitment to continually assess our influence on our employees, community, and the environment.”

Part of a Community Shaping a Better World

The B Corp community, with over 8,000 members, is reshaping the global economy for the greater good of all. LineZero is proud to be a vital member of this global network committed to positively impacting society and the environment. This certification reaffirms LineZero’s steadfast dedication to contributing positively to the world through its initiatives.

About LineZero

At LineZero, we put people at the heart of what we do. We emphasize the power of human connections and the significant advantages they bring to businesses. Our solutions are designed with intention, focusing on enriching the employee experience and fostering a strong company culture.

Our team at LineZero includes seasoned professionals in technology and communications, committed to upholding the highest standards of security for our clients. Beginning as a modest segment of a larger group in software development, we made a decisive move in 2018 to become the inaugural Workplace from Meta partner in Canada.

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What differentiates us from our competition? As a distinguished partner of Workplace from Meta and Microsoft, we are known for our stringent security measures, a culture of agility and innovation, exceptional service, and meticulous attention to detail. Our dedicated team serves clients in Canada and the United States, guiding Fortune 500 firms in integrating Workplace from Meta to revolutionize their digital environment and delve into the business metaverse. Our approach is direct, and our implementation is flawless, driven by our zeal and pledge to achieve outstanding outcomes. But don't just take our word for it – explore our success stories!

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Are you ready to be part of the future of work?

The future of work is with LineZero! We are a trusted partner with Workplace from Meta, and we can help you be prepared for the future of work while boosting internal communications and enhancing the employee experience.

Workplace from Meta is the perfect corporate communication solution for businesses that want to be ahead of the curve and prepared for the future of work. Contact us today to learn more!

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