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5 Ways Workplace by Meta Helps Engage Your Employees

Workplace by Meta has been lauded as a stellar way to engage your employees and build a sense of community. After all, it’s the perfect tool to capture employee sentiments, share any upcoming announcements, give kudos to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty, and create social groups that help your employees get to know each other better.

But it’s also a good way to propel your organization into the modern era, helping you focus on instant, real-time communication in your teams and in your organization as a whole, too! In fact, Workplace does a lot for employee engagement, and in this blog, we’ll look at five ways that Workplace by Meta can help engage your employees. Join us below as we outline those five ways!

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Workplace by meta can make updating your employees easier! 

Most organizations today struggle with being able to keep their employees informed and updated on what’s happening within the workplace. Whether it’s staff changes, new policies or procedures being announced, or important messages from the executive team, it’s often a struggle to find a proper distribution system where employees can be kept in the loop of what’s happening internally.

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Workplace by Meta can act as that distribution system and make updating your employees a breeze. Let’s take a look at the following example to illustrate this:

Your organization, a large, national corporation, has several employees in various offices around the country. The CEO puts together regular monthly and quarterly reports that she sends out via a mass distribution email list. These reports contain valuable information, such as monthly and quarterly budget updates, briefings on company strategy, new staff appointments, and various employee kudos. As part of a new employee onboarding, to get them up to speed on corporate culture, every new employee that starts is supposed to receive the past six reports that have been sent out. Their manager must spend time searching through their emails and forwarding the six most recent emails to that new employee. Sometimes new employees aren’t added to the distribution list for a few months, so their managers need to not only forward the email, and yet again alert the IT team to the oversight.

In this scenario, it’s clear how much time and energy would be saved if there was one, central, real-time distribution system that could keep everyone on the same page. Workplace by Meta is the perfect social enterprise network that would enable this national corporation to regain that lost time. Using Workplace by Meta, the CEO could create an open group for all employees and post her monthly and quarterly updates directly to that group. This would automatically send an email to all users in her organization that a new post has been created, letting them check it at their earliest convenience. New employees would no longer need emails forwarded to them from their managers – they could simply sign in to Workplace by Meta, go to the CEO group and view all past posts.

Workplace by Meta Improves Corporate Communications!

In an ironic twist of fate, emails these days are seen as the “old” way of doing things! They’re awkward, hard to track, and employees can take up valuable time trying to search through their inbox for the content they need.

Consider this example. Bill and Erika are working on closing a major sales deal for Marc, the President of XYZ Company. Bill sends Marc the paperwork to sign via email. Marc sends it back, but puts the wrong date on the contract. Erika notices this, so she sends Marc a note asking to re-submit the paperwork. At the same time she’s writing her response, Marc realizes his error and is in the process of sending a new contract over. Their emails arrive in each other’s inboxes at the same time.


See? Email is clunky and cumbersome! The example shows a lack of real-time update of whether someone is posting a reply, or whether someone’s replying at the same time as someone else!

Had Bill, Erika and Marc been using Workplace by Meta, they could have been in a group chat together, which would have alleviated the duplication of Marc and Erika writing similar emails. Bill would have sent the contract over in the group chat, Marc could have sent the reply, then, when he realized his mistake, he could have immediately made mention of it in the group chat, foregoing Erika’s need to request a new contract.

Workplace has more of a discussion feel to it – you can see when people are replying, you can attach photos or videos or documents right into the platform, in real-time, as conversations are happening. And, all of that content that’s shared in that discussion is saved, alleviating the need to search through multiple emails to try and find the content you’re looking for.


Do your employees ever complain that they don’t know what other parts of your organization are doing? Your sales team isn’t always up to speed on what’s being produced, or your marketing team and your sales team don’t seem to be talking to each other on a regular basis? If so, you’re not alone. There are a lot of organizations out there who suffer from “Silo Mentality”, which, as defined by the Business Dictionary, is when certain departments or sectors don’t wish to share information with others in the same company.

Of course, if allowed to continue, Silo Mentality leads to reduced efficiency in your overall operations, and also can reduce employee morale, and lead to a major barrier to that productive company culture you’re looking for. So, it’s important to stop Silo Mentality in its tracks as soon as you identify it as a problem.


One way to do so is to provide your employees with an easy-to-use platform that allows for cross-departmental work. Workplace by Meta's open groups can break down those silos that exist between teams. With open groups, your sales team can talk to you production team, your marketing team can connect with your sales team, and your executives can keep an eye on everything.

Workplace by Meta Lets You Crowdsource Ideas!

The “modern workplace” of today no longer relies on just one person to create, update, or enable content. Employees want two-way communication, not just an information dump. And, to be a great organization, you need to focus on your people, allowing ways for employees to provide feedback and drive cultural change.

Workplace by Meta allows you to get everyone on the same page and have more of a conversation around any ideas or documents that are being shared. The platform lets you get real-time feedback via likes, comments or various reactions, run polls to help you get a bead on company issues, or share things in a more immediate, direct, and authentic way by using Live Video functions.

Workplace by Meta Makes it Personal!

It’s a known fact that people want to stay at companies where they feel connected to their co-workers. To get a sense of community when you’re working is really important, as is building camaraderie among staff. When you can make things more personal, you can learn about mutual interests and mutual enjoyments. And studies have shown that forming close friendships at work can boost employee satisfaction by up to 50%, so it is important to have the ability to engage employees, share success stories, and help start the conversation!

Workplace by Meta promotes openness and lets you build your community! Your employees can use Workplace by Meta to engage with each other through kudos, announcements, or social groups that are designed to help team members to get to know each other. Have employees that want to show off their kids? Create a “Family” group! Have a lot of employees who enjoy gardening? A “Gardening” group would give them a place and an opportunity to share tips and tricks.

These social groups also allow for remote workers to chime in and be part of the community, even though they’re in a different time zone.



So, are you ready to launch your organization into the modern era and engage your employees today? These five ways that Workplace by Meta can help engage your employees is just the start of the features and benefits that Workplace by Meta provides!

A Demo is Worth a Thousand Words

Every organization is unique, so your demo should be uniquely matched to your specific business needs. Contact us to tailor your Workplace demo.

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