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Avatars and Inclusion in the Metaverse – A Quintillion Options

As the future of the Metaverse rapidly expands so too does the way in which we can customize our representation within it. Meta’s Chief Diversity officer, Maxine Williams, recently announced that their vision for the Metaverse includes over a quintillion options to customize your appearance within the Metaverse. To put that in perspective, that number has 18 zeroes!

Meta is committed to ensuring that every person can find themselves within the options provided. The customization options are truly endless and have been designed with diversity and inclusion at the heart of it all. They have even partnered with the United Spinal Association’s tech access program to better understand the lived experiences of people with disabilities, which helped them to launch visualizations for cochlear implants, wheelchairs, and over-the-ear hearing aids for Metaverse avatars.

With incredible advancements made by the Meta team in natural language processing and computer vision, they have created the conditions for the Metaverse to be a technological equalizer for representation and equity at work.

The importance of being seen and represented


In 2020, a heartwarming video of a 2-year-old went viral where he sees an ad of another child just like himself, in a wheelchair. He stared in awe at the poster as he saw a boy that he could identify with, someone that was just like him proudly showing off his outfit. We spend a lot of time at work and increasingly more time within digital platforms. Creating inclusive digital spaces, technology and experiences with equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging as a design principle is something that all should not just strive for but commit to.

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