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4 Tips to Create an Engaging Recognition Culture

Does your organization have an engaging recognition culture? The modern workplace is undergoing a transformation. Employee appreciation is no longer a nice to have – it’s a clear requirement! So, how can your organization make work relationships work?  

In this blog, we look at some essential aspects for using Workplace from Facebook to create an engaging recognition culture. 

How to Create an Engaging Recognition Culture – Top 4 Tips

There are various ways to express gratitude for a job well done, ranging from a simple thank you to personalised presents. But one thing’s for certain - providing only a pay boost is never enough!  

Simply put, delayed recognition equals denied recognition. The brilliant work your employees do on a regular basis deserves recognition – on a regular basis! Experts are agreeing that annual acknowledgment, even with a corresponding salary boost, isn’t enough for many workers. So, how can your organization recognize employees immediately, in real-time? Check out our top 4 tips below.


#1 – Create Nomination Guidelines

It's crucial to acknowledge people who have made significant achievements. But, reminding them and others that it was well deserved is even more important! The desire to work on your goals as a team will skyrocket after you've identified the values/cultural amplifiers that define them. So, it’s important to link to principles or actions that are in line with your values to achieve an amplification of company culture through acknowledgment. 

Badges on Workplace offer a scalable way to reward employees for their accomplishments on their personal profiles. Workplace provides a wide range of automatic and admin-awarded badges. Admins can also build bespoke badges to acknowledge employees for company-specific accomplishments and to reinforce your company's unique values. 

#2 – Ensure Leadership is Engaged 

Having the leaders actively involved is a vital success component for any successful recognition program. Top executives should not be oblivious to this transformation by treating it as an unavoidable feature. Instead, they must see it as a useful tool for engaging effectively. Praise delivered through a centralized platform, such as Workplace from Facebook, has more visibility and influence.  

For example, a member of the leadership team can share an achievement post in your team group, department group, or all-company discussion group to highlight their team's accomplishments. Sharing your team's accomplishments raises the exposure of their work and allows them to earn more recognition throughout the organisation. Plus, gaining executive buy-in can encourage others to start sharing successes or accomplishments, either individually or as a team.  


#3 – Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition  

When it comes to giving praise, it’s not a one-way path from people managers to their direct subordinates. Employees can also thank their coworkers for their efforts and assistance. When employees can give this kind of positive feedback to their coworkers, managers are better able to spot high-performing employees who may have gone unnoticed, corporate culture improves, and employee engagement improves as well. 

encourage peer recognition

Our Internal Kudos group on Workplace is where we can recognize a job well done when we see one of our colleagues going above and beyond to help another team member or customer. 

#4 – Create Awards that are Exclusive to your Company 

Promote healthy competition and effective recognition practises to engage your employees. To start, create a comprehensive set of prizes that covers all the areas in which you'd like to recognize your employees! 

For example, at LineZero, we host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) with 10+ awards that directly link to our values - People Matter, Be Like Gumby and Do It Right. We broadcast the awards ceremony live on Workplace from Facebook, so those who aren’t physically able to attend the awards can see, and participate in, what’s happening.  

Ready to Build a Culture of Recognition?

In this blog, we’ve explored the top 4 tips to create an engaging culture of recognition. So, if you’re ready to build a culture of recognition, give us a shout and let’s chat!

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