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Healthcare is Already in the Metaverse | The Future of Work

In our last blog (Are you already in the Metaverse?) , we discussed organizations that have made investments and set the foundation for their digital bricks and mortar in the Metaverse. Perhaps the Metaverse isn’t just the use of a particular type of technology, but perhaps a point in time when the digital landscape is as important as our physical one, to our culture, to our work, and maybe to our lives. For some, that is extremely exciting and for others that might be rather dystopian. One thing is certain, if you graph all our interactions as a species, they are increasingly more digital every day.  

The role of Metaverse in the Healthcare Sector

My fiancée is nearing the end of her medical education and my eyes have been completely opened to all the advancements in healthcare technology. In my career, I have worked within healthcare quite often, but it has mostly been in the fields of cloud computing, virtualization, and more recently in operations, supply chain and category management. I thought I had a pretty good pulse (see what I did there?) on the healthcare sector, but when she told me that surgeons are already operating from the Metaverse, I was completely shocked.  

There are hospitals that are now leveraging extended reality or XR techniques to completely map out patient brains in 3D and using a platform called Precision VR™ by Surgical Theater – a patient specific 360-degree virtual reality imaging platform for patient engagement, surgical planning and intraoperative visualization. Put plainly, doctors are simulating and conducting the surgery in virtual reality to prepare for the real thing. This has incredibly positive implications for success rates for some of the most daunting and high-risk operations.  

It is obvious then how valuable investments in Metaverse technology will be within healthcare on a broad scale, but outside of the VR training that is happening today, are doctors already in the Metaverse? What could the future hold? 

There is a Laparoscopic technology in use now that has a doctor sitting away from the patient with a robot carrying out the surgery in the operating room.

Metaverse Healthcare

If we thought about the quantum physics angle, we could surely say the doctor is operating in virtual reality. However, I think the doctor who is controlling the robot with his fingertips with his head firmly planted within a face encompassing screen is using a purpose-built virtual reality headset to conduct surgery with some of the most advanced medical technology ever created. Truly, these surgeons are already in the Metaverse.  

The future of work will very likely see many of us in a mixed reality and maybe some of us are already there. One easy prediction I can make for the healthcare sector is that many operations will be with the aid of mixed reality devices. The research is overwhelmingly positive. While mapping applications transformed driving, augmented reality (AR) could do even more for medical operations and education!  

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