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Future of Work: Economic Uncertainty and the Right Bets | LineZero

By Greg Sugar on 9-Jun-2022 10:34:00 AM

Between Twitter and LinkedIn, I have a very curated feed that seems to reflect the intersection of technology, futurism, and economic trends. For the latter part of 2021, there was excitement about how we just accelerated the employee experience 20 years in only 3, how web3 was going to democratize the internet, and how we would be living in rich virtual worlds and be fully immersed in all things digital. Now, however, I read about an impending blood bath, tech layoffs, plummeting valuations, burn rates in start-ups, and investment and VC (Variable Compensation) dollars completely drying up. At the risk of sounding parabolic, we have been here before. Usually when we hear within the news cycle that we are approaching a recession, we are already fairly deep into one. For many organizations, this means looking to control costs in an aggressive manner and halt investment until the market recovers and for some, it might mean a very interesting opportunity.  

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New Ways of Computing Leads the Future of Work & Corporate Metaverse

By Greg Sugar on 12-May-2022 10:13:57 AM

There are a lot of commonly held opinions about Virtual Reality and if it will be the next big thing that changes the way we work and the way we interact,or if its domain is purely in entertainment and gaming. So, while the jury is still out on the impact that VR can truly have, especially in a corporate setting, projecting a future where Augmented Reality is a part of our daily lives is a bet that most in technology would be far more willing to make.  

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Healthcare is Already in the Metaverse | The Future of Work

By Greg Sugar on 14-Apr-2022 3:29:00 PM

In our last blog (Are you already in the Metaverse?) , we discussed organizations that have made investments and set the foundation for their digital bricks and mortar in the Metaverse. Perhaps the Metaverse isn’t just the use of a particular type of technology, but perhaps a point in time when the digital landscape is as important as our physical one, to our culture, to our work, and maybe to our lives. For some, that is extremely exciting and for others that might be rather dystopian. One thing is certain, if you graph all our interactions as a species, they are increasingly more digital every day.  

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Are You Already In The Corporate Metaverse? Learn How To Be In It!

By Greg Sugar on 10-Mar-2022 4:50:08 PM

Organizations globally seem to be going through once in a lifetime events on a quarterly basis. Geopolitical strife, a global pandemic and an ever-accelerating digital curve have been difficult for all to manage and adapt to,  individuals and companies alike. Many organizations are measuring their investments right now and choosing a conservative path amidst uncertainty, and many are looking to make strategic investments now to emerge from this time with advantages over their competitors. One such organization approached us with the question,  

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