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Would you like to.... Reduce your cost of leadership communications? Increase effectiveness in training and development? Boost Innovation?


Lack of internal communications, ineffective communications, silos between teams… do these pain points sound familiar? Workplace from Facebook (Workplace) is the tool that can address these challenges.  

Workplace supports your Comms and Marketing objectives to connect everyone, from CEO to frontline workers, and empowering everyone to work together through two-way communication streams where feedback can be given and sentiment can be measured. Comms teams at over 30,000 organizations worldwide are using Workplace to achieve their Comms objectives. 

Here are some of the ways Workplace supports internal communications:

Modern Workplace

Build Culture

When employees are more connected, trust increases, teamwork improves, and people are more engaged with their work.

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Real-Time Collaboration

280 billion emails will be sent this year – do you need to add another one? Workplace eliminates email overload by using advanced AI and relevant Groups to make sure people only see the information and updates that are most relevant to them.

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Device- Agnostic

The mobile revolution has created a visual world where video, text, emojis, photos and gifs all have a role to play. With Workplace, your staff can utilize all of these elements to create engaging communications, no matter what device they’re using.

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Minimal Training Required

Using the latest tools is a competitive differentiator for employers. Workplace uses Facebook features like News Feed, chat and Live Video, which are already familiar to over 3 billion people around the world and don’t require any additional training for wall-to-wall deployment.

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Save Time

A quick flick through your News Feed over breakfast will tell you everything you need to know about what's going on with your people so that you can take action before lunch.

Track Impact

Track Impact

60% of comms leaders don't measure the impact of their communications. Workplace provides comprehensive analytics – like how many people have read, liked, commented on and shared a post – to make it easy to measure everyday impact.


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