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What We Do

Let’s Enhance your
Employee Experience

Whether you're just starting on your employee experience journey or you're looking to take things to the next level, LineZero can help!

First Things First!
Let’s Understand your current Employee Experience

The first step in refining your employee experience is to fully understand the typical user journeys your people have today. Our approach combines the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to gauge the current employee experience for the main role categories within your organization. We help you to identify opportunities to level-up and reach your employee experience goals!

What we do - by use case - EEE - lets understand
What we do - by use case - EEE - lets visualize

Let’s Visualize & Measure your Employee Experience and Engagement

Business leaders have an intense focus on measuring and optimizing financial performance, operations, supply chain, and most vital business functions. Why should employee engagement and culture be any different? We help you measure employee engagement and how your employee experience impacts retention, net promoter score and even overall company performance. You can’t manage what you don’t measure!  

Let’s  Design your optimal employee experience framework

We have expertise in digital experience transformation, managed consulting services, and custom software development which will help you create the optimal digital framework that leads to improved productivity, higher retention, and overall happier teams. Get the best of your team with LineZero!

What we do - by use case - EEE - lets design

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Start your Workplace from Meta journey with us and take your employee experience to the next level.