Workplace for Comms


Lack of internal communications, ineffective communications, silos between teams… do these pain points sound familiar? Want a tool that truly supports your internal communications?

Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) supports your Comms objectives to connect everyone, from CEO to frontline workers, and empowering everyone to work together through two-way communication streams where feedback can be given and sentiment can be measured. Comms teams at over 30,000 organizations worldwide are using Workplace to achieve their Comms objectives. Here are some of the ways Workplace supports internal communications:

Connecting Everyone on Workplace

Workplace supports Comms by connecting everyone to make internal communications more effective. 


Getting the Right Message to the Right Person

280 billion emails will be sent this year – do you really need to add another one? Workplace eliminates email overload by using advanced AI and relevant Groups to make sure people only see the information and updates that are most relevant to them. 

Communicating Company Strategy

Workplace uses familiar formats like Live Video to create more engaging, company-wide conversations around key strategic initiatives. 

Measuring Reach and Impact

60% of comms leaders aren’t measuring the impact of their communications. Workplace provides comprehensive analytics – like how many people have read, liked, commented on and shared a post – to measure everyday impact. 

Enabling True Two-Way Communications

Workplace enables two-way communications by providing everyone with the equal access to one communications platform.


Creating Two-Way Comms

Creating leadership dialogue is a hallmark of connected companies – but nobody ever hits ‘Reply All’ on a company-wide email. On Workplace, anybody can start a conversation by posting to the News Feed, or leaving a comment on other people’s messages. 

Getting Feedback on Comms

Because conversations on Workplace happen out in the open, it’s easy to get real-time feedback on important announcements or company updates. Every post has an indicator to show how many people have read it, while likes, comments and reactions offer immediate feedback.

Tracking Sentiment on Comms

It’s quick and easy to run polls on Workplace to measure sentiment or crowd-source hot topics for executives to tackle in Q&As. 

Building a Connected Culture on Workplace

Workplace supports Comms by building a connected culture where internal communications are authentic and fun. 


Creating More Engaging Communications 

The mobile revolution has created a visual world where video, text, emojis, photos and gifs all have a role to play. With Workplace, your staff can utilize all of these elements to create engaging communications. 

Improving Employer Brand

Using the latest tools is a competitive differentiator for employers. Workplace uses Facebook features like News Feed, chat and Live video, which are already familiar to over 2 billion people around the world and don’t require any additional training for wall-to-wall deployment.

Improving Executive Brand 

Global data suggests there’s a crisis of trust in executive leadership at large companies. With Workplace, your executive team can easily have authentic, two-way communications, which helps to build culture and improve perceptions of leadership. 

Tools and Technology for Comms

Live Video

If a picture's worth a thousand words, video is priceless. Live video is the most engaging and authentic way to communicate company strategy while encouraging real-time feedback.

Messaging & Calls

You can help your employees reduce the distance between them with messaging, voice and video calls, available on desktop and mobile. Your people will be able to connect wherever they are.

News Feed for Updates

News Feed creates a personalized stream of company updates so people can quickly get the information they care about and join the conversation with comments and reactions.


Workplace gives your teams a perfect platform to create spaces to manage projects or build communities. Your staff can invite colleagues to share posts, start conversations or get work done.


Reactions give people multiple ways to respond to posts with simple emojis - like, love, laughing, wow, sad, or angry. They’re a great way to get the pulse of a conversation in a single glance.

One place for all conversations

Workplace is the central place for all conversations between colleagues. It truly makes two-way communications possible because everyone - from the CEO to the desk-less, email-less frontline worker - has the same access to it.

5-Day Workplace Email Course for Comms


Our no-cost 5-Day Workplace Email Course for Comms is for communications professionals like you whose objectives include improving internal communications, enabling two-way communications, removing silos, increasing employee engagement, and building a more connected culture.

By signing up, you will receive five emails (one email per day) filled with information around how Comms teams around the globe are using Workplace to achieve their Comms objectives. 


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Workplace Roadmap Engagement

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Workplace Full Deployment Solution

To ensure that the platform is successful for both the short and long-term, it’s critical to take the time and plan out your deployment. Our Workplace Deployment offer provides you with a chance to work with our experienced team to ensure that the launch of the technology itself, the communication around that launch, and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is a success. 

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