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6 Ways Leaders Can Build an Inclusive Employee Experience - Blog Series #1

Are you up to date with the latest trends that are quickly becoming our new reality? Work today has evolved and moved on from traditional office settings to a hybrid approach of virtual and remote communication and collaboration. The where, why, when, and how of the employee’s work has undergone a huge reshuffle as employees are now demanding agility and flexibility from their organizations.

Organizations around the world are discovering that offering their employees an agile approach has a direct correlation to employees being more productive and efficient. Considering that, organizations have also found the importance of creating an inclusive workplace as this plays a critical role in fostering a strong culture and positive employee experience.

In a recent survey, about 80% of employees have considered inclusion as an essential factor in choosing an organization. The leading question becomes how can organizations build a workplace that promotes an inclusive employee experience and how can they become more human-centric?

See below for some incredible, powerful ways to introduce and nurture inclusivity at your workplace to further help your organization in building inclusive employee experiences at scale!

An Inclusive Workplace starts from the Top! 

A substantial change in workplace culture is underway due to the challenges from COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, 57% of companies say they foresee meaningful changes to their culture. It’s a real chance for organizations to re-evaluate their priorities and assemble work atmospheres where employees can feel engaged, safe, included, inspired and productive from wherever they are.

However, without buy-in from your leaders and executives the shift in culture and the idea of building an inclusive work environment will be much more difficult to achieve. To transform how people work and how they feel about work will require prioritization, commitment, and support from leadership.

Educate your company leaders about the importance of inclusivity. Once leadership is comfortable and on board, they’ll be excellent resources for setting an inclusive, authentic tone for all.

6 Ways to Transform Workplace Culture

Here are 6 ways on how leaders can transform your workplace culture to be more inclusive:

  1. Get all employees to believe in your organization’s values - promote your company values as an employee’s sense of connection to their organization is fabricated on belonging and the belief that they’re a part of an environment that knows and values them.
  2. Build an organizational identity that promotes transparency – promoting authenticity means employees are allowed to express themselves and contribute from their exclusive perspectives and experiences.
  3. Welcome people from all backgrounds and celebrate their differences – appreciate differences and provide an environment where individuals can feel relaxed being themselves at work.
  4. Create a flexible workplace environment – flexibility in work location and schedule opens job opportunities to a wider audience. When companies offer flexible work, this inclusive thinking shows they are acknowledging their employee’s individual lives.
  5. Create inclusion networks and interest groups – Create a safe space for employees to discuss shared interests, identities, languages, etc.
  6. Meet your people where they are - Invest in emerging technology in a measured way that brings a competitive advantage to you within the employee experience realm.

“Workplace from Meta is one of many emerging technologies that is dedicated to creating a future where every employee feels seen, heard, and valued within an inclusive work community”

While these efforts are outstanding starting points, you must hold leaders accountable and ensure that inclusion is a core value of the organization. To highlight inclusion, your organization should nurture a culture that encompasses unique people and their ideas, experiences, and opinions. Hiring a diverse workforce is only one part as the basis for an inclusive workplace is focusing on the significance of each employee feeling included and this is where some organizations lose their momentum.

You need the ultimate commitment from your entire organization on a consistent basis to embody and spotlight a culture of togetherness and inclusivity. Leaders need to take charge and display how much they admire, appreciate, and value the unique individuals in their organizations and their many contributions daily.

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