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Meta Avatars Welcomes Legs! Avatar Highlights from Meta Connect 2022

Recently, Meta Connect 2022 has announced many exciting new developments exploring new innovations in augmented and virtual reality. The future of the Metaverse is here with new updates on Meta Avatars. This blog will cover the key highlights of Meta Avatars and how it can empower your company to bring avatars into your own experiences.

In this blog you will find:

The Latest Vision with Meta Avatars - Meta Connect 2022

Meta Avatars SDK Platforms & Engine Expansion

Full Body Avatars with Legs!

Meta Avatars Store Availability in VR

Empower your Team to Create a Meta Avatar

Easier Avatar Creation with Video Selfies

Meta Avatars Expanding to WhatsApp

Meta Avatars in Video Calls

Building the Bridge to the Metaverse with LineZero

The Latest Vision with Meta Avatars - Meta Connect 2022

Along with several announcements, Meta Connect has shared the latest vision when it comes to Meta Avatars and how developers can step into the future of the Metaverse. By creating social and immersive experiences, developers can now integrate Meta Avatars into their daily lives with these new inclusive improvements:

Meta Avatars inclusive imageSource

Meta Avatars SDK Platforms & Engine Expansion 👩‍💻

For developers around the world, Meta Avatars SDK will soon support Unreal Engine for VR developers. As one of the most highly requested integrations, Meta is coming up with new ideas to build your avatars with countless of customization options with engaging expressions and social interactions. With this, developers can empower users with a diverse set of avatar customizations so that they can authentically represent themselves. Additionally, Meta Avatars SDK will soon support iOS and Android users on Unity. This allows Meta to integrate avatars across multiple platforms and experiences to make it user friendly and accessible to everyone.

Full Body Avatars with Legs! 🦵🏽

Finally, the day has arrived when your avatars will gain legs! How exciting! The so-called disembodied torsos will finally become bipedal. This means that Meta Avatars have included full-body experiences with different customizations and mobility! As well, developers made sure this new phenomenon is inclusive of disabilities and other options to fully immerse everyone in the experience of the Metaverse. Legs are a huge step towards diversity, allowing many individuals to express their authentic self.

Meta Avatars Store Availability in VR 👚

Alongside the legs update, Meta Avatars Store in VR will be available this year, extending the places where you and your communities can engage with avatar customization. With a variety of outfits to choose from, you can express yourself within the Metaverse with a new sense of fashion. Whether you celebrate Pride or support Black Lives Matter, you can choose specific clothes to show others who you are and make a statement throughout the Metaverse. Developers who have integrated the Meta Avatars ADK will get this new experience through the Meta Avatar Store!

Avatars in luxury digital itemsSource

Empower your Team to Create a Meta Avatar

Across social platforms like Messenger, Instagram and Facebook, Meta Avatars have enhanced experiences to connect with the latest advancements in technology:

Easy AVatar Creation with Video Selfies 🤳

To enhance the seamless experience of creating new avatars, there will be a new ability for people to create their avatar by simply taking a video selfie with their mobile camara. Instead of going through a step-by-step process, with just a click of your camera, you can generate an avatar that looks just like you and with a little more time you can finetune the avatar that already captured your beautiful features.

Meta Avatars Expanding to WhatsApp 💬

Joining other social media applications, Meta Avatars will soon be available on WhatsApp. By making your communication experience more immersive, you will be able to create and share your avatar within WhatsApp to express a wide range of emotions while communicating with your coworkers, friends, or family!

Collage of Avatars MessengerSource

Meta Avatars in Video Calls 📸

Coming next year, Meta Avatars will be available for video calls on social media platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The feature will mirror the speakers’ expressions and movements during the call, allowing you to experience an innovative way of video calling!

Building the Bridge to the Metaverse with Linezero

As we navigate towards the next generation of social interactions, we believe that avatars will be the key to connect to the Metaverse. With many inclusive options coming up, online experiences will become more immersive than ever.

At LineZero, we can help you build that bridge to the Metaverse using Workplace from Meta. As a business collaboration tool, your company can integrate avatars into your meetings, allowing employees to express their authentic self through Virtual Reality. Connect with us today and we’ll start your journey to the Metaverse!

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