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Empower. Connect. Collaborate.

We help enterprises improve organizational  communications, grow employee engagement, and create a positive work culture through powerful digital solutions in the era of hybrid work and corporate culture transformation.

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A Dedicated team of Employee Experience Consultants

We are a team of employee experience consultants helping enterprises optimize and elevate their employee experience and internal communications. The services we provide include digital tool assessment and recommendations, security and compliance, implementation, and change management and adoption services. In the era of hybrid work, the right digital tools are necessary to build and maintain the corporate culture your employees cherish. Our team is comprised of technology experts and PROSCI-certified change managers.

Digital Tool Recommendations

Implementation & Deployment

Security & Compliance

Change Management

Digital Tool Recommendations

Our technology experts are experienced in various employee communications and engagement platforms. We work with you to assess and evaluate the options and provide you with recommendations based on your needs and objectives. This includes the latest digital communication tools and employee engagement platforms.

Implementation and Deployment

After the selection is made, it’s time for the implementation and deployment of your chosen platform. We support you in connecting it to your other existing systems and developing customized solutions, such as bots and dashboards, as needed, to ensure a successful integration of your new platform, including digital communication tools, employee engagement platforms, and internal communication systems.

Security and Compliance

Anything not secure is not worth doing. This is our belief. We assist you in assessing the security and compliance of your employee experience digital platforms, ensuring alignment with your organization’s policy and requirements.

Change Management Services 

No adoption means no ROI. Change management is critical to the successful deployment of any digital tools. Our PROCI certified change managers help you navigate such transitions effectively by developing and rolling out comprehensive communication plans, following proven methodologies and best practices.

B-Corp-Logo-Black-CMYK-97x163-30c49ff9-894e-4965-ae0a-21c918c876f7We believe in using business as a force for good.

Certified B Corporations are part of a growing movement of people using business as a force for good. Across over 95 countries in over 160 industries, over 8,000 companies are putting people and the planet before profits and redefining what it means to be successful in business.

ProServeIT is immensely proud of becoming a B Corp and deeply committed to making the world a better place with technology. We've been doing this work over the last 20 years and will continue to do so. To us, a B Corp certification is more than a stamp of approval. It is our culture, our lifestyle.

To learn more about LineZero’s B Corp Certification, visit our blog for more information.

Customers who put their trust in LineZero.

What we do

Elevate Employee Experience in the era of hybrid work, AI & MR

We have our eyes open to innovate with our customers and help them further elevate and transform their employee experience. In the era of hybrid work, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Mixed Reality (MR), understanding the role technology plays in employee experience, internal communications and corporate culture is more important than ever before. And we are here to assist you in navigating this future of work.

Enhance employee experience

Your employees are your #1 asset. The right digital tools can help foster a great culture in your organization.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Implement AI within your organization to improve efficiency and productivity.

Envision corporate metaverse

The future of work is closer than we think. Discover how Mixed Reality (MR) for businesses can enhance your organization today.

The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is transforming the future of work. With VR, remote teams can collaborate seamlessly, experience immersive trainings across various industries, create a dedicated workspaces at home, improving work-life balance, and so much more! As we embrace VR's potential, it promises to reshape the way we work, connect, and innovate in the digital age supporting the future of work.


Horizon Workrooms: a new kind of remote teamwork room.

Horizon workrooms (beta) is the VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas, together. Meet teammates across the table, even if you're across the world.

Quest for business:
freedom to work where you want, with anyone.

Virtual reality is continually transforming the way people, teams and businesses get stuff done. Step into your ideal workspace—where distractions disappear and productivity reigns.
What we do

Why Fortune 500 companies choose LineZero?

Because we are with you throughout your employee experience journey providing tailored digital solutions to enhance employee communication, engagement, and corporate culture.

Let's Plan

  • Every organization is different. Part of our process is diving deep into what’s most important to your business and help build your roadmap to success.

Let's Deploy

  • Our technical expertise ensures Workplace seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing tools & platforms such as Microsoft 365.

Let's Boost

  • The right digital tool works best when everyone uses it. We work with you to drum up excitement and increase adoption & engagement.

Who We Are

We'll be your biggest fan!

We are our clients' biggest fans. All of us at LineZero are problem solvers, go-getters, and employee experience wizards with a mutual goal of seeing our clients succeed. We specialize in improving internal communications and fostering a positive corporate culture.

Let's Talk!

Ready to start your employee experience journey?
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