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Employee Engagement is the hot topic in the world of remote work we're living in now. 

#CONN3CT 2020 is a 3-day free virtual conference designed to discuss just that: Connecting and engaging remote workforce and frontline workers. Each day's sessions have been curated having our audience in mind:

  • September 22nd - Leadership
  • September 23rd - HR & Comms Leaders
  • September 24th - IT & Digital Strategy Leaders



The Future Belongs to More Connected Companies 

Workplace from Facebook (Workplace) is a mobile-first, mobile-friendly business application to connect everyone, truly everyone, in your organization from frontlines to leadership. Workplace looks and functions similar to Facebook to ensure easy and fast adoption. Connect your employees to your business goals, values and each other with Workplace's smart, familiar features. Because businesses work better when everyone is on the same page. 


Discover Workplace, On Your Terms.

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Workplace has recently helped:



Want a tool that supports your HR objectives? 

Retaining your top talent, decreasing turnover, making your onboarding process more efficient, increasing employee engagement, improving communications, getting out of silos... do these sound familiar? Learn how Workplace helps achieve HR objectives.

Tracking Certifications with Workplace

Connect everyone.

Workplace supports your Comms and Marketing objectives by connecting empowering everyone to work together through two-way communication streams where feedback can be given, and sentiment can be measured. Check out how Workplace helps achieve your Comms objectives.

Adding to your team

Deskless, Not Voiceless.

77 million+ workers in North America are frontline employees. This represents over 50% of the total workforce. Retaining your seasonal workers, making your on-boarding more efficient, truly connecting them to the rest of the company? Are you experiencing these familiar challenges? See how Workplace can help you address these common challenges. 

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