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Great Storytelling for Internal Communications: All You Need to Know

Internal communication is a lot more than quarterly announcements, newsletters from the executives or a presentation by human resources regarding company policy. Its how every employee communicates, collaborates, and interacts with one another. Internal communication is a necessary practice throughout all organizations today and should be enhanced so that employees can perform more efficiently. The purpose of internal communication is to provide an effective flow of information between an organization’s colleagues and departments. In order to improve employee engagement and increase official company communication we can use storytelling.

What is the impact of storytelling in your company?

Storytelling is a great way to improve internal communication and will help boost engagement and productivity among employees. Encouraging storytelling promotes the supply of information so that employees can have transferable communication goals as well as objectives. Storytelling is a great way for employees to share specific tactics and determine their own key performance indicators. Listed below are the best ways your organization can augment internal communication through storytelling.

How can you encourage storytelling in your internal comms?

Storytelling in your company creates a more personal relationship between employees and is an ideal way for colleagues to become closer and more personable. A workplace that encourages storytelling through communication is setting itself up for great internal culture. Now you may be asking what are the best ways a workplace can encourage storytelling? It all starts with an efficiently accessible platform for communication. Especially with remote work becoming a standard practice among industries it is important that employees have access to online platforms that foster open communication practices. Leveraging the right technologies and not overloading employees with too many communication channels will provide an easy-to-follow framework for storytelling to thrive in your organization.


How to build out your executive impact on internal communications

Executive leadership utilizing storytelling is another great way to encourage employees to mimic communication practices and understand company culture. When executives partake in storytelling especially when it is showcased through these internal communication platforms it reinforces company culture. Transparency between employees, executives, employers and the rest of internal operations, creates trust and can in turn improve individual and team performance. Without transparent internal communication employees may find themselves unsure about what actions to take regarding key strategies and decisions. When executives partake in storytelling issues such as uncertainty can be mitigated.

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Company culture and its relation to storytelling

The last tip to encourage storytelling in your organisation is to establish your company’s communication norms and best practices. It is important that there is a framework for employees to build upon when interpreting the company’s culture. How your company shares information is important when designing your internal communication practices. This also ensures that communication is effective, honest, engaging, and appropriate. When best practices and communication norms such as storytelling are established in a company’s culture, it will help employee adoption for communication tools and software. Storytelling should be at the forefront when developing any company culture as it assists any communication plan and engages employees successfully.

With storytelling encouraged in internal communication, any organization’s employee experience can move forward in a welcoming fashion. Employee moral, trust between leaders, efficiency and engagement are just a few positive outcomes that come with the encouragement of storytelling. With proper communication platforms, norms, and culture, any organization can thrive in various environments by following the above practices.


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