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Stepping Into Her Shoes: Meta VR Training for Women in Tech Inclusion

As we begin Women's History Month here at Linezero, I have been pondering the various inclusion training available in the market and my conversations with employees who have attended multiple such pieces of training. While these pieces of training provide great insights and recommendations, I have noticed that individuals still need help knowing how to be an ally, provide support, and react in different situations.

In this blog, you will find:

✨ Using Meta's VR Experience to Enhance Workplace Inclusion
✨ What is VR For Inclusion: Women in tech?
✨ Resources for Promoting Inclusion in the Workplace

Using Meta's VR Experience to Enhance Workplace Inclusion

As a woman who has worked in the technology industry for over 15 years, I have faced numerous challenges that were difficult to articulate to others. Only by stepping into my shoes can individuals truly understand what I have experienced. Fortunately, Meta has created an amazing virtual reality (VR) inclusion experience that enables individuals to do just that.

I have placed a Meta Quest VR device in the office and made the Women in Tech training video readily accessible with a simple step-by-step guide on how to activate it. I have asked our employees to take just 15 minutes to watch the Women in Tech VR video and encouraged them to discuss their experiences with one another.

I have found that this brief 15-minute video provided an excellent training experience that could have taken hours to achieve through other means. Those who watched the immersive experience were able to see and feel the situation from a woman's perspective, which increased their awareness of how to react in these situations and how to be an ally or provide support.

Communication styles are unique to each individual, and it is crucial that we support and uplift one another. Through immersive experiences like the one offered by Meta, we can better understand and empathize with the experiences of others and work together to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

VR for InclusionWomen in Tech

What is VR For Inclusion: Women in tech?

Women in Tech is an immersive training experience to help allies better understand what it’s like for women to navigate the workplace — and learn ways that they can offer support in their own lives.

VR for Inclusion:

Women in Tech features a 15-minute 180° film that follows five different women and looks at the unique challenges they face in the workplace. Resources also include an individual reflection guide and a group discussion guide to help people process the material and learn how to be better allies.

“This experience was game-changing in terms of helping me empathize with the experiences of my female colleagues,” says Facebook D&I Learning Director Charles Shaw. “VR is a powerful platform, and I’m committing to being a better ally.”

The workplace experience isn’t the same across genders. Given years of inequity, workplace challenges can hit women harder than men, shake their confidence, and reinforce the imposter syndrome. VR for Inclusion: Women in Tech invites everyone to become allies and take action in the face of microaggressions to help ensure a more equitable workplace for all.

“The fact that we are able to harness VR’s capabilities to demonstrate the commonality of challenges faced by women in the workplace and show men the powerful role they play in fostering allyship is a great first step at levelling the playing field for gender equity,” says Facebook Learning & Development Head of Digital Transformation Manal Houri.

Use the link here to watch the training on your Quest device.


For an enhanced experience, download the Individual Reflection Guide or the Group Discussion Guide to learn more about promoting inclusion in the workplace.

Individual Reflection Guide

Download the guide below to deepen your experience with the video. The guide includes individual reflection questions and a place to capture your personal commitment to creating inclusion.

Download the Guide →

Group Experience

Download this guide to support discussions of the VR experience in groups. It includes questions for reflection, discussion prompts, and activities to help you promote inclusion.

Download the Guide →

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