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Connected Workspace: What is it? Why is it important? How to build it?

Connection is perhaps the most crucial component in building a productive and efficient workplace. Why? Because connected teams drive collaboration, nurture healthy working relationships, and promote knowledge-sharing. The more connected we are as colleagues, the more efficient our workplace will be.

In this blog you will find: 

A connected workforce will use digital transformation in ways that we have only dreamed of, so creating a connected workplace means more than just embracing the future of work; it also means ensuring that your business is running at its most effective level. 

Who doesn’t love a good application integration? Integrated systems automate manual tasks, streamline workflows, and make remote communication a breeze. And there’s another reason to appreciate them: security. Simplifying your complex tech stack can reduce risks and give your security team some peace of mind. But the reality is, many companies haven’t invested in streamlining their technology.  

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What is a connected workplace?   

A connected workplace is a networked combination of tools and systems that promote safe and effective work. For workers, a linked workspace fosters efficiency and enhances remote and in-office collaboration. It reduces complexity for security teams that protect the security of their enterprises. A connected workforce produces productivity gains of 17%, profitability gains of 21%, and a decrease in employee turnover of 40%. 

Why is having a connected workspace important?   

I know what you’re thinking: if the team is still efficiently producing good work, is there a problem if it’s disconnected in other ways? Do people need to be connected? As it turns out, connection matters a lot. People who feel connected to what they do for a living—who believe in and align themselves with their company’s values, mission, and purpose - are the type of employee who can quickly become a culture champion across your entire organization. But you can tap into this support only if you’re aware of their connection with those values. 

Similarly, a coworker’s excitement about an idea or upcoming project is contagious. If you can’t connect to that employee, you’ll never find out about what it is that excites them about their work, and what types of projects they’d be best suited for in the future. More importantly, you won’t be able to help them spread their excitement. Highlighting someone’s passion about their work is only possible if you’ve developed a connection to that work yourself, even if it’s just a surface level familiarity. 

Looking for ways to build a Connected Workplace? 

What a connected workplace will look like for your team will depend on a lot of factors. But here are a few takeaways if you’re trying to build a more connected workplace: 


  • Engage your people without pretenses. Your people’s excitement about a particular project or attachment to your organization’s values might fluctuate week to week. So, it’s important not to put them into a box. If they’ve expressed excitement or connection to a specific type of work, offer that work to them the next time it comes around, but don’t assume they’ll always be willing. 
  • Interact frequently, even if nothing comes out of it. Every time you try to connect with your coworkers or fellow employees, it won't always be successful. Not every 1:1 will be productive and instructive. Continue to show interest in what they're working on and ask how you might be of assistance. Learn how you can help support them. Utilizing the Workplace from Meta system for communicating with your employees is a great way to communicate in real-time with other locations and spread insightful information to connect with one and other.
  • If no one’s connecting to your values, it’s time to revise your values. Corporate values are often mocked as self-serving buzzwords. If your people aren’t connecting with your organizational values (and bringing them to life each day at work), it’s time to consider finding out why that is. Hint: you can’t force people to connect emotionally to buzzwords. Find out what people care about at your company, what they value, and put together a list that reflects that. 

We use Meta’s Workplace, as it strengthens collaboration and supports a productive and connected organization. Its easy-to-use interface makes learning a breeze, and allows organizations to stay connected, regardless of the distance between their employees. Workplace by Meta will not only allow you to support and let your team grow but it can help with connecting to these tips.

5 benefits of having an integrated workspace like Workplace from Meta! 

  1. Collaboration 🤝

If teams have a hard time working with one another in the same office, how can they collaborate remotely? A connected workspace solution like Workplace from Meta, can facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals, teams, and leaders. The right platform can also integrate with other tools that your company may already use to do business. 

  1. Mobility 💻

With a connected workspace, employees can work from any place and any device, from a laptop at home to a smartphone at the airport. This flexibility allows workers to complete tasks individually or with coworkers without missing a beat. Everything they need to do their job—from brainstorming to marketing initiatives—is always available. The trend toward remote work and resulting technologies are an opportunity to revisit old workflows and introduce new processes that encourage innovation. 

  1. Efficiency 🧑

A flexible, collaborative platform makes working easier and more efficient for employees whether they’re in the office or not. This allows employees to automate tasks that don’t require a human touch and allocate the time they save to more complex tasks. 

Intelligent connected workspaces often include built-in functionality to allow for remote IT support, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. 

  1. Data Collection ⚙️

When most of your business happens on a single platform, it makes it easier to collect data on how your employees work. Employee preferences and satisfaction, time management and productivity, collaboration, and IT tickets are just some of the information your connected workplace solution may be capable of documenting. This data can help you make informed decisions on everything from security to holiday hours. 

  1. Profitability 📈

Collaboration, mobility, efficiency, and data collection have the potential to deliver cost savings, increased productivity, and employee retention. These benefits lead to another advantage for companies willing to innovate how they communicate: profitability. Connecting with team members, especially across all departments, is important to the success of any business. Creating a connection where there is none, as most of these things go, is going to be a long process. It’s also going to be a group effort. Keep that in mind as you encourage your team to interact with and relate to each other and together you’ll build a more connected workplace.

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