Business Technology During the COVID-19 Crisis 



Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams: Better Together to Combat COVID-19. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, having business technology in place that can enable productive remote working is more important than ever. Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams are both unique business technology tools that do just that: helping organizations stay productive and connected while working remotely.

When used individually, each accomplishes about 40% of the outcomes most businesses are looking to get from those tools. But what happens when you combine the two together? Business technology magic! Watch the on-demand webinar to see how these two platforms bring out the best in each other and take those outcomes to 110%.

With customer stories and real-life examples, we cover how your organization can be using these business technology tools in tandem to:

  • Amplify employee engagement while most workforce is working remotely
  • Create and use content that aligns with the goals of the entire org from the bottom up, including frontlines
  • Provide leadership with a tool to create effective company-wide communication, especially during crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic

Recommended For:
Communications, HR, or Corporate Executives and Managers who are looking to lead and improve their organizations with cutting edge digital strategies.


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Employee Engagement is the hot topic in the world of remote work we're living in now. 

This 3-day virtual conference was designed to discuss just that: Managing and engaging remote workers and frontline workers. Each day's sessions have been curated having our audience in mind:

  • September 22nd - Leadership
  • September 23rd - HR & Comms Leaders
  • September 24th - IT & Digital Strategy Leaders



Speaker: Erika Moll-Richardson

Erika began her career in Sports and News Production before deciding to pursue a Masters in her passion for Communication, Culture, and Technology! She joined Linezero in November of 2018, transitioning from Linezero’s sister company, ProServeIT to the Linezero team shortly after winning the Rising Star Women in the IT Channel Award. Erika's background in diversity and inclusion coupled with digital strategy brings a wealth of expertise to her customers and future clients, especially in road-mapping communication and strategic growth plans.

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