Workplace by Facebook 7-Day Email Course & eGuide  

Are you losing your top performers to your
competitors? Want to learn how to increase
employee engagement, improve internal
communications within your organization,
decrease turnover rates, and break down silos?
Our no-cost, 7-Day email course can shed
some light for you!

Bonus* eGuide included!




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Sign up now and receive 7 emails for
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about how you can
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BONUS: Each email contains a lesson, and the final
email you receive from us will include a
comprehensive eBook with all the lessons from
the email course. 







Day 1 - Lesson 1

Don't Lose Your Top Performers
to Your Competitors  


Day 2 - Lesson 2

Increasing Employee Engagement with Workplace


Day 3 - Lesson 3

Retaining Top Talent
with Workplace 


Day 4 - Lesson 4

Integrate Multiple Tools into
One Convenient Place, Workplace
by Facebook


Day 5 - Lesson 5

Breaking down silos in
your organization


Day 7 - Lesson 7

Workplace by Facebook's
Safety Check Ensures Quick Communication in Crisis


Day 6 - Lesson 6

Automate Tedious Tasks


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