Workplace for C-Suite


Attracting top talent. Creating more relatable leaders. Effectively communicating strategy and priorities. Motivating your employees. Are these some of your top priorities? Many of the senior executives we work with say so, and they're often looking for a two-way communication tool that can support them. Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) is that tool - used and loved by over 30,000 organizations globally.

Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) supports C-Suite's business objectives to connect everyone from CEO to frontline, empowering everyone to work together through two-way communication streams where feedback can be given and sentiment can be measured. Plus, retain top talent by easily recognizing a job well done, and increase employee satisfaction by giving everyone a voice. Here are some of the ways Workplace can support C-Suite:

Connect everyone in an organization

Workplace helps you communicate more efficiently with every employee, from HQ to frontline, so the strategy becomes clearer and teams are more motivated.


Communicating Strategy & Priorities 

Workplace uses familiar formats like Live Video to create more engaging, company-wide conversations around key strategic initiatives. 

Creating More Relatable Leaders 

Just as Workplace puts people at the center of technology, it also puts a human face on senior leadership, making executives more present and approachable to the rest of the business.

Motivating Employees 

By creating a more connected organization, Workplace reduces the distance between C-Suite and the rest of the business. This is just one way work becomes more meaningful and motivation increases.

Enabling Transparent, Two-Way Communications

Workplace empowers your employees to work together and helps leaders feel more connected to the day-to-day reality of their business.


Unlocking Collective Knowledge

Knowledge about a company’s culture or process is often locked away inside emails, or "gathering dust" on an intranet. On Workplace, knowledge is shared in the open, directly into groups or the News Feed. This reduces onboarding time for new employees, while reinforcing cultural values.  

Reducing Executive Distance 

Despite best efforts, it’s easy for the CEO to become a remote figure from their employees. Workplace uses cutting-edge solutions like Live Video and Groups to make it easy for executives to share thoughts or updates, wherever they are and whatever their schedule. 

Acting on Information

A quick flick through your News Feed over breakfast will tell you everything you need to know about what's going on with your people, so you can take action before lunch. 

Building a Connected Culture on Workplace

Workplace helps organizations build a connected culture that attracts top talent, while also growing the business.


Creating a Modern Workplace  

Employees no longer accept work tools that are inferior to the technology available to them at home. Workplace takes consumer-level innovation and adds enterprise-grade security to create a modern work environment that’s fast, familiar and safe.  

Attracting Top Talent 

Great technology is a competitive differentiator in the battle for talent. Workplace makes it easier to recruit, onboard, and empower the best people with familiar tools and cutting-edge experiences. 

Building a Better Business 

Business is better when people are connected. Connected organizations have smoother communication, smarter collaboration, and stronger cultures. That drives bottom-line business value by making work more meaningful and people more engaged. 

Tools and Technology for C-Suite

Live Video

If a picture's worth a thousand words, video is priceless. Live video is the most engaging and authentic way to communicate company strategy while encouraging real-time feedback.

Messaging & Calls

You can help your employees reduce the distance with messaging, voice and video calls on desktop and mobile. Your people will be able to connect wherever they are.

News Feed for Updates

News Feed creates a personalized stream of company updates so people can quickly get the information they care about and join the conversation with comments and reactions.


Workplace gives your employees a perfect platform to create spaces where they can manage projects or build communities. Your staff can invite colleagues to share posts, start conversations or get work done.


Reactions give people multiple ways to respond to posts with simple emojis - like, love, laughing, wow, sad, or angry. They’re a great way to get the pulse of a conversation in a single glance.

One Place for All Conversations

Workplace is the central place for all conversations between colleagues. It truly makes two-way communications possible because everyone - from the CEO to the desk-less, email-less frontline worker - has the same access to it.

7-Day Workplace Email Course for C-Suite


Our no-cost 7-Day Workplace Email Course for C-Suite is for executives like you whose business objectives include increasing employee engagement, decreasing turnover rate, attracting top talent, improving internal communications, and getting out of silos.

By signing up, you will receive seven emails (one email per day) filled with information around how executives around the globe are using Workplace to achieve their objectives. 


Ready to Try Workplace?

Workplace Roadmap Engagement

Our 1-day Workplace Roadmap Engagement will give you an in-depth overview of the benefits of using Workplace in your organization. We’ll review what’s most important to your business, understand your current organizational structure and what current digital tools you have in place, then help you build your roadmap to success. 

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Workplace Full Deployment Solution

To ensure that the platform is successful for both the short and long-term, it’s critical to take the time and plan out your deployment. Our Workplace Deployment offer provides you with a chance to work with our experienced team to ensure that the launch of the technology itself, the communication around that launch, and the training of your employees on how to use this new technology is a success. 

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