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Workplace Pricing

Note - Pricing includes Workplace license only. Implementation cost is separate. 


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Companies come in all shapes and sizes, with many unique requirements based on the team, organizational structure, geography and more. We've made it simple and created a budget model for you that is based on the number of people who will be using Workplace per month. 





Best for teams of 1-20


USD per user/month


  • Workplace Chat
  • Group Video Calls (limit 20 ppl)
  • Groups (up to 50 groups)
  • File Storage (5GB)
  • Auto-translate
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Mobile Apps (Workplace & WorkChat)
  • Secure Collaboration between Companies (MCG)
  • Admin Controls
  • Directory Integrations
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Best for Entire Organizations


USD per user/month

Includes Essential, plus:

  • Safety Checks
  • Frontline Add-on 
  • API & Custom Integration(s)
  • Build Your Own Bots
  • IT monitoring tools
  • Active Directory
  • Mark As Important
  • SSO
  • SCO2, ISO27001 compliant
  • 24-hour initial response support level



Best for Complex Organizations


USD per user/month

Includes Advanced, plus: 

  • Enterprise live 
  • Dedicated support team
  • Priority resolution
  • Early access to new features

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We get it. We also have answers. 

  • Why Should I upgrade to Advanced or Enterprise?

    Once you purchase the CLEAN Premium Pack from the Hubspot marketplace, it will be instantly be added to your account and ready to use. If you're an agency working with a client, be sure you are logged in their portal prior to making the purchase.

  • Can I work directly with Workplace?

    Workplace offers two solutions: DIY or partner-led. You could do your own integration, however, a partner is there to walk you through the entire journey; from the initial roadmap discussion, to what teams would benefit most, to when the best time to launch is, working with a partner can help ensure success. Workplace partners, like LineZero, work with an attitude of support, helping you every step of the way.

  • How does Workplace work with Microsoft Teams or other collaboration tools?

    At LineZero, we've found that many of our clients leverage both Teams and Workplace together because they perform different and complementary functions. Teams are focused on productivity and allows for direct document collaboration and version control, whereas Workplace shines at building company culture, cohesiveness and actually drives adoption on your other productivity platforms like Teams and SharePoint. Similar sentiments can be expressed with other collaboration tools – often, Workplace can be used in tandem with tools like Slack, or Yammer for similar results.


    To get the full scope of Workplace and Slack, see our tool comparison guide.


  • Does Workplace pricing include the cost of implementation?

    Workplace pricing does not include the cost of implementation. For custom pricing based on your organization's unique requirements, book a consultation with one of our experts today. 


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  • Can employers see employees' personal Facebook Accounts?

    No, an employer cannot see an employee's Facebook account, unless of course, you’ve set your Facebook account to public. As mentioned in the question above, Workplace and Facebook are entirely separate entities.

  • How does Workplace keep my company's information secure?

    Facebook takes security very seriously, ensuring the security of information is the core of all products it builds, including Workplace. From transport layer protocols to machine learning for threat detection, Workplace from Facebook's network is protected by a combination of advanced automated systems, best-in-class encryption standards and dedicated security teams.


    The security of Workplace service is regularly evaluated and tested by internal security experts and independent third parties, including full source code reviews and penetration tests. These reports and results are openly shared with Workplace Advanced and Enterprise customers upon request.


    We recognize that companies need control over service that connect to their networks. Workplace Advance and Enterprise customers have complete access to manage their Workplace security settings and policies. Advanced and Enterprise customers can also use APIs to monitor activity for policy enforcement and receive alerts.


    Want to learn more about security and trust on Workplace? Visit Workplace Security 

  • How does Workplace comply with EU data processing requirements?

    Organizations using Workplace Advanced are provided with specific provisions to address EU data protection requirements. Additionally, Facebook is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which helps companies comply with EU data transfer requirements as part of their use of Workplace. More information about Facebook's participation in the Privacy Shield Framework


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