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why employee engagement builds culture

6 HR Leaders Reveal How to Engage Your People and Build Culture


workplace effect ebook

The Workplace Effect Playbook, including customers stories from IT, HR, & Comms leaders


six simple steps get started remote working

Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Remote Working


four ways deepen engagement remote workers

Four Ways to Deepen Engagement with Remote Workers


Email Courses

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5-Day Email Course for HR

Our no-cost 5-day Email Course for HR is for human resources professionals (just like you!) whose objectives include retaining top talent, making the onboarding process more efficient, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing a turnover rate.

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free 5 day email course for HR

7-Day Workplace Email Course for C-Suite

Our no-cost 7-Day Workplace Email Course designed specifically for C-Level Executives whose objectives include increasing employee engagement, decreasing a turnover rate, attracting top talent, improving internal communications, and getting out of silos.

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Free 7 days workplace c-suite email course

5-Day Email Course for Comms

Our no-cost 5-Day Workplace Email Course for Comms is for communications professionals (just like you!) whose objectives include improving the effectiveness of internal communications by connecting everyone from CEO to frontline, building a connected culture, and increasing employee engagement.


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free 5 days email course for comms

Remote Working Resources

Access the free on-demand virtual conference #CONN3CT2020 for Leadership, HR & IT in the world of remote work. 

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