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4 Recognition Programs for an Inclusive Employee Experience

An inclusive working environment is one that values it’s people and their contributions to the success of the business and customer experience. More and more organizations today are becoming aware of the concept of the customer is relevant, but the employee is also equally crucial!

It’s important as an organization to create a positive journey for your employees and to not ignore the internal brand perception. The vision should include focusing on purpose and people - both customer and employee - and put a primary focus on human centricity.

Imagine being a part of an organization where you don’t feel valued as much as your customers are. How would you feel when you show up for work, and more importantly, would you even want to show up for work?

Employee Experience is just as relevant as Customer Experience

Putting an emphasis on learning and development, promoting personal growth, and supporting wellbeing can ultimately aid an organization in creating an inclusive workplace journey for all their employees. However, to really make an impact and further sustain and build a culture of inclusivity, an employee recognition program is required, and this provides endless amounts of value.

Recognition Programs for employee experience

Here are 4 examples of recent recognition programs that celebrate diverse impacts and opinions, develop culture, shared values, and facilitate a sense of belonging:

  1.  Timely recognition that is both consistent and direct. Hold yourself accountable to weekly cadence announcements to recognize your employees, teams and departments for a job well done.
  2.  Give employees the power to recognize anyone they want in the organization and diversify the parties responsible for giving recognition.
  3. Customize a recognition program to different types of work/employee audiences as a one-size fits all approach could indicate to teams that their perspective and contributions are not valued.
  4. Give insightful and data-driven recognition so you can measure what your culture looks like and can adapt and make improvements over time

These examples will show employees they belong and that their contributions and opinions are noticed. It’s not just the customers that need to be valued, but the employees as well since the employees ultimately drive success and set the tone within a Workplace.

It’s time to transform your employee experience strategy by seizing the opportunity and introducing a communication platform like Workplace from Meta which will help your organization bring people together in a way that makes them feel truly seen, heard, and valued. You have the chance to create a community of belonging and it all starts with streamlining communications to better assist in creating an inclusive environment that promotes the overall employee experience through recognition

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