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How to Use the New 'Draft For' Feature in Workplace from Meta: 5 Steps

Workplace from Meta is an all-in-one communication tool that helps your organization grow employee engagement and strengthen company culture. Workplace has many features to offer, however, a new more recent feature allows your users to draft posts for executives. But how does the newest function work?

This blog will guide you on how you can use “Draft For” to increase employee engagement and keep your company engaged with new posts.

In this blog you will find:

What is "Draft For"?

Functionality for Drafters

Functionality for Authors

How to get started with "Draft For"

5 Steps to Create and Submit a Draft Post

For Authors

Plan your next post with Workplace from Meta

What is "Draft for"?

“Draft For” enables your communication teams to draft posts on behalf of executives. When your executives are busy, “Draft For” makes it easier for your employees to create posts that can be quickly reviewed, approved, and published. It saves executives and drafters time while making it possible for executives to communicate authentically throughout Workplace. When using “Draft For”, the writer can take advantage of many helpful features.

Draft For on workplace from meta

Functionality for Drafters

“Draft For” features and benefits include the following:

  • Delegating executive communications quickly and easily
  • Drafting posts for multiple executives
  • Maintaining editorial control by sending fully formatted and ready to publish posts to executives for approval
  • Keeping track of all drafted posts in one place, no matter how many executives you draft posts for
  • Recalling drafts that aren’t published without going into individual groups
  • Editing posts after they have been sent for approval by recalling them
  • Scheduling a post prior to the author’s approval
  • Getting faster sign-off and eliminating the difficulties of collaborating via email
  • Sending an approval reminder from Workplace to the executive’s email
  • Tracking the performance of posts after posting

Functionality for Authors

Several features will benefit authors including:

  • Maintaining authorization, visibility and sin-off even if they don’t write the post
  • Being able to view, manage, and approve all posts drafted on their behalf in one place
  • Sending a draft post back to the content creator for edits
  • Receiving notifications and email reminders for posts they need to approve
  • Tracking the performance of posts drafted on their behalf

HOw to Get Started with "Draft For"

System Administrators and Content Moderators can grant permission to drafters by going to Draft For in the Admin Panel. Then, by selecting “Grant Permission”, you can choose the drafter and which executive they will draft a post for. Once given permission, both the drafter and the executive will see ‘Draft For’ in their Home menu. The Draft For tab enables drafters and executives to manage all their draft posts in one place.

Draft For example

5 STeps to Create and Submit a Draft Post

Drafters no longer need to visit individual groups to draft and submit posts for approval. With permission, users can go the "Draft For" tab to create a new draft for any of their authors.

To create a "Draft For" post, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Draft For from the Home menu
  2. Click +New Draft
  3. Select the author and group you want to post in
  4. Draft the post
  5. Click Submit for approval

step 1 create and submit a draft for

Additionally, drafters can schedule posts to publish at a later date, save posts as a draft, and recall, edit, or delete a post after it was submitted for approval.

For Authors

Executives can visit the "Draft For" tab to review, edit and approve all the posts drafted on their behalf in one place.

When a post is submitted for approval, executives will receive a notification directing them to the "Draft For" tab. From there, they can approve, edit and request changes on any posts awaiting their approval.

Draft For authors on workplace from meta

If you’re both an author and a drafter, you can see and manage all the posts you draft on behalf of executives and the posts that are drafted on your own behalf in the "Draft For" tab.

Plan your next post with Workplace from meta

Workplace from Meta serves as an important communication and collaboration tool for internal communications, cultural exchange, and for supporting a hybrid workspace. By using Workplace, your organization can create a better collaboration space for your employees to keep everyone connected and updated on news and other information. Ready to draft your next post? Contact us today to learn more about Draft For and Workplace from Meta.

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