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Exploring the Metaverse's Impact on Cultural Promotion

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in travel and cultural exploration, where the Metaverse, an immersive virtual universe, is revolutionizing how we experience the world. The Metaverse has rapidly ascended to prominence, captivating millions with its ability to transport users to any corner of the globe without needing a plane ticket or hotel reservation. The Metaverse offers an unprecedented opportunity to promote countries' futures, landscape, and rich cultures right from the comfort of your home.

In this blog, you will find: 

🏗️Mumbai launches metropolis Metaverse to showcase infrastructure projects

🐪 Saudi Arabia launches innovative Metaverse platform

🏢 Bhutan launches a Metaverse gateway to provide a glimpse of the country's art, culture and architecture

LineZero, a trusted partner of Workplace from Meta, delve into the fascinating world of the Metaverse and explore how various countries leverage this technology to showcase their future opportunities and rich cultural heritage. Join us as we uncover the intersection of the Metaverse and real-world beauty!


Mumbai Launches Metropolis Metaverse to Showcase Infrastructure Projects

According to this 3-minute article, Mumbai has launched the Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse, a virtual platform showcasing the city’s upcoming infrastructure projects. This initiative aims to transform Mumbai into a global city by 2025. The Metaverse provides a 3D and virtual reality(VR) experience of Mumbai’s future development, promoting transparency and citizen engagement. Key projects featured include the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Corridor, the Mumbai Metro expansion, and the Navi Mumbai International Airport.


RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das announced plans to introduce offline functionality in the central bank digital currency (CBDC), aiming to boost its adoption and integrate it with existing payment systems like the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). These efforts reflect India’s commitment to advancing its digital infrastructure and financial inclusivity.

In this insightful three-minute read, discover how Mumbai is on the brink of a transformative journey through the Metaverse.

Saudi Arabia Launches Innovative Metaverse Platform

This article.  reported that the Saudi Ministry of Culture has launched the world’s first national Metaverse platform, powered by Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) artificial intelligence. This digital realm combines cultural richness with technological innovation, allowing users to participate in activities and attractions that reflect real-life experiences, such as the Founding Day celebrations.


The platform features a variety of cultural attractions, including the History March and sectors dedicated to music, art, history, culinary arts, and crafts. It also includes mini-video games and a Performance Center that broadcasts live events. Accessible through Mobile XR, the platform is available on various devices, ensuring inclusivity and broad audience reach. This initiative significantly advances cultural engagement and expression within the Metaverse

Bhutan launches a metaverse gateway to provide a glimpse of country’s art, culture, and architecture

This article introduces the launch of Bhutanverse, a Metaverse platform introduced by the Royal Government of Bhutan. This virtual space allows global users to immerse themselves in Bhutan’s art, culture, and architecture from their homes. It features Bhutanese motifs and interactive quests based on the country’s history and folklore, marking the 44th anniversary of the Bhutan King’s birth.


The Bhutanverse project was a collaborative effort between DHI, Smobler, and Sandbox to unite artists, developers, and innovators through Web3 technology. It also included a Bhutanverse Design Challenge, inviting local talent to contribute to the virtual world’s design, and provided intensive Metaverse training sessions to equip the team with the necessary skills. The initiative reflects Bhutan’s commitment to integrating technology with its cultural values and heritage.


The innovative use of the Metaverse by governments like Mumbai, Saudi Arabia, and Bhutan highlights a burgeoning trend that merges technology with cultural promotion on a global stage. Each initiative, whether showcasing future infrastructure projects, celebrating cultural richness through digital landscapes, or offering immersive experiences in a country's art, culture, and architecture, underscores a shared vision. This vision leverages Metaverse technology to transcend physical and geographical limitations, making their beauty, heritage, and futuristic aspirations accessible to a worldwide audience.

As more states explore and adopt the Metaverse for similar purposes, we can anticipate a beautifully interconnected digital world where the exchange of cultural treasures enriches global understanding and appreciation. The efforts of these pioneers pave the way for a future where technology and culture coalesce to offer breathtaking, immersive experiences to people no matter where they are in the world.

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