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Insights from Meta's Toronto Event: MR & VR Roadshow by Meta/LineZero

On November 7th, over 50 attendees gathered at the Meta Toronto office to experience the latest and greatest Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices. The event is first event of the 5-event MR/VR roadshow organized and hosted by Meta and LineZero. The goal of the event was to showcase how MR/VR can enable new ways of working, learning, and collaborating across industries and use cases.

The Future of Work with MR/VR

The event kicked off with a keynote by Leah Truitt, Client Growth Lead at Meta Reality Labs, who shared Meta's vision for the Future of Work. She explained how MR and VR can help businesses overcome the challenges of remote work, skills gaps, and employee engagement. She also highlighted some of the successful MR/VR use cases by Pfizer, PwC, Hilton, and more.

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Hands-on Demos of MR/VR Devices and Applications

After the keynote, attendees had the opportunity to try out various demos that showcased the capabilities and benefits of MR/VR for different scenarios. There were three stations set up, each with a different set of VR devices and use cases:

Quest 3: Explore and Interact with Different MR/VR Environments and Scenarios

This station featured the Quest 3, the latest headset from Meta, allowing users to explore and interact with different MW/VR environments and scenarios. Attendees could choose from a variety of demos, such as a virtual office, a construction site, a retail store, and a healthcare facility.

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Quest Pro: Experience the EDIB Application and Learn How to Foster a More Inclusive and Supportive Culture

This station featured the Quest Pro, a premium MR/VR headset designed for enterprise use, and the EDIB (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging) application, a VR experience that aims to raise awareness and empathy for women in technology. Attendees could experience the challenges and biases that women face in the tech industry and learn how to foster a more inclusive and supportive culture.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses: Imagine the Future of MR/VR Devices

This station featured the Meta Ray Ban Sunglasses, a pair of stylish sunglasses that also function as a VR device. This helps the attendees imagine the future of MR/VR devices. They will become smaller and lighter, just like Ray-Ban glasses.

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Panel Discussion: How to Implement and Scale VR in Your Organization

The event concluded with a panel discussion, where three speakers shared their insights and best practices on how to implement and scale VR in their organizations.

For cutting-edge, emerging technologies like MR/VR, experiencing is believing. Many of the attendees tried the devices for the first time, and it opened their eyes and imaginations. What we heard across the room during the event was the desire to learn more about the use cases to envision further how this technology and devices can help them move their business objectives forward.

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Next Stops: New York City, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles

The rest of the roadshow continues throughout November hitting four different cities in the United States, New York City, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


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