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New Meta Strategic Partnerships 2022 | Future of Work

Who you connect with is important for your future. The wrong partnerships can set you back years and waste resources. The right partnerships can propel you into future growth beyond your wildest dreams.  

In this blog post, we'll explore the top 5 new Meta partnerships that will help prepare organizations for the future of work. These were announced during the Meta Connect event in October 2022 by Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of Meta.   

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Top 5 Meta partnerships for the future of work and the Metaverse

1. Microsoft & Meta
2. Accenture & Meta
3. Autodesk & Meta
4. Zoom & Meta
5. Adobe & Meta


When Meta committed to bringing the future of work into the “future”, it knew that acquiring the right strategic partnerships would determine if Meta’s plans achieve unbelievable success or end up a catastrophic failure.  

Creating the right technology and environments that support the future of work cannot be done alone. This is why the leadership team at Meta took their time to identify the right partnerships that would help bring them one step closer to the future of work.  

Take a look at these unique companies that are partnering with Meta. 

Top 5 Meta partnerships for the future of work and the Metaverse 🤝🏼

1. Microsoft and Meta Microsoft Partnership with Meta

In the words of Microsoft's chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella: “At Microsoft we're incredibly excited about the Metaverse and how digital and physical worlds are coming together and transforming everything from telehealth to the way we do work”.  

With this partnership, Microsoft is taking some of its most famous productivity tools into the unique world of virtual reality (i.e. The Metaverse) and this starts with teamwork.  

Microsoft Teams is one of Microsoft’s most powerful productivity solutions which is used by hundreds of millions of people to meet, chat, and collaborate for certain aspects of their daily work. To help infuse a better experience into how organizations use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is bringing a more immersive meeting experience through Meta Quest in order to give people new ways to connect, collaborate and share as if they are sitting next to each other.  Microsoft is also working on enabling Horizon workrooms for Teams so people will be able to join a Team's meeting directly from their Horizon workrooms and this cross device, cross-screen experience will be viewed as “the foundation of the virtual office of the future”. 

Microsoft will be working closely with Meta to enable users to interact with its productivity apps (i.e, Excel, Outlook, Work and PowerPoint) within the Metaverse with even more flexibility in how you collaborate and get work done. On Quest, users can experience the power of the Microsoft 365 Suite and Windows 365 in their virtual office or meetings to help drive better productivity, collaboration and communication.   

To help ensure the security of work on virtual reality (VR) devices such as a VR headset like the Meta Quest Pro, Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory and Microsoft InTune will give organizations greater ability to safeguard and manage all work devices connecting to your network. For large companies that are acquiring VR devices for their employees, this means that their VR setup will now have the same enterprise-level security and management options available for mobile devices and PCs.  

Interested in harnessing the power of Microsoft for the Metaverse? Connect with us to see how our years of partnership with Meta can help your organization be ready for the future of work.  


2. Accenture and MetaAccenture Partnership with Meta

Accenture has been a really busy bee in the Metaverse during 2021: Creating its own virtual campus (the Nth Floor) in the Metaverse by collaborating with Microsoft, deploying 60,000 Meta Quest 2 headsets for its workforce and enhancing its onboarding process to welcome over 150,000 people to its virtual campus 

So, it came as no surprise when Accenture chose to partner with both Microsoft and Meta with a focus on assisting organizations globally in developing new VR experiences for the future of work. Accenture will invest in delivering value for companies in the Metaverse from their customer interactions to their product/service offerings.  

3.Autodesk and Meta Autodesk Partnership with Meta

Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that produces software products and services for the engineering, construction, architecture, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries.  

To better utilize the powerful capabilities of the new Meta Quest Pro, Autodesk is updating its collaborative design review app which will provide designers and architects a different way of reviewing 3D models (through an immersive experience). 

4. Zoom and Meta Zoom Partnership with Meta

Zoom experienced unprecedented growth during the COVD-19 pandemic and held approximately 50% of the Video Conferencing Software market share in 2021 (see chart below).

market share of top video conferencing software in 2021


 With Meta announcing the beta version of its Meta Horizon Workrooms, this new VR space for teams to collaborate and connect also comes with several unique features including a Zoom integration. In addition, Meta is adding an avatar video call feature that empowers users to conduct an online call using their custom-made avatar instead of sharing their video feed. 

In 2023, people will be able to join Horizon Workrooms via Zoom, allowing more options on how you choose to appear during an online meeting. If you prefer having your video turned off during meetings, that’s fine! With the new avatar feature from Meta, your personality can still shine through your custom-made avatar.   

5. Adobe and Meta Adobe Partnership with Meta

Meta has been collaborating with Adobe to assist individuals with being more productive in the VR space. To achieve this goal, Adobe’s Substance 3D apps for professional 3D designers, creators, and artists are coming to both Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 in 2023.  

With this experience enhancement, anyone with one of Meta’s VR controllers can design 3D objects and join collaborative reviews inside the VR space or their “virtual” office. Adobe will also be taking its Adobe Acrobat app to the Meta Quest Store, enabling PDF document viewing, editing, and collaboration – a key development for productivity in VR.   


An amazing future is never built by any single entity. It is through the power of collaboration, strategic planning, proper resource allocation and a healthy exchange of ideas that the pathway to a successful future can be created.  

Equipped with these powerful partnerships with visionary organizations such as Microsoft and Accenture, Meta is several steps closer to making the future of work a tangible (or virtual) reality.  

Need help preparing your organization for the future of work? Contact us today and see how we can help! 

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